Super Bowl winners: list of NFL teams to win past championship games - previous victors by year and 2022 odds

The Rams will look for their second Super Bowl in franchise history as the Bengals will hope to continue their spectacular run

The 2022 Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and once again Americans and American Football fans around the world will be glued to the television to see who will be crowned the 2022 NFL Super Bowl Champions.

32 teams are divided equally between the National Football Conference and American Football Conference and at the end of each season, the two best from each league will take on each other in a bid to lift the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl LVI will take place on Sunday 13 February with a UK start time of 11.30pm. Dre Dre will headline the famous halftime show with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige and Kenrick Lamar all featuring.

In the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams came back from a thrilling 17-7 deficit to beat the 49ers 20-17 on Sunday 30 January while over in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs - who were the favourites to win going into the final four - lost out to the Cincinnati Bengals as the Bengals came back from 21-3 to beat the Chiefs 27-24.

With the 2022 Champions soon to be crowned, let’s take a look back at the previous winners of the Trophy…

Who are the current champions?

The current Champions of the Super Bowl are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They won the 2021 match - beating the Kansas City Chiefs - and that was the second time the team has won a Super Bowl, the first coming in 2002.

Who is the most successful team in the NFL?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots - both AFC - are the two most successful teams at the Super Bowl with six wins each.

The Steelers have appeared at the event eight times and lost just twice, giving them a winning percentage of 75%, while the Patriots have attended the Super Bowl 11 times, losing five times giving them a win percentage of 55%.

Tom Brady, the former Patriots quarterback, has played in 10 Super Bowl Championships and won seven of them.

Brady has been dubbed as the greatest quarterback of all time

If the 49ers make it through the final stage, they have a chance of equalling the record with the Steelers and Patriots as they currently sit on five Super Bowl wins.

Who has never featured in a Super Bowl?

There are 12 teams who have never won a Super Bowl with four of those 12 never featuring in a Super Bowl match.

Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are yet to make it through to a Super Bowl Sunday.

The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have both featured in four Super Bowls without a win. The Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons have all made it to two Super Bowls while the Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals have all played in one.

Who is set to be the 2022 Champion?

With the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of the competition, the Kansas City Chiefs had been the favourite to win the 2022 Super Bowl.

Very few expected the Cincinnati Bengals to make it to this point. They have one of the most high-powered offenses in the league and this could very well bring the Super Bowl to Cincannti.

While the Rams are hoping to win their second Super Bowl in history, the Bengals will hope to win their first ever Trophy.

The season that the Bengals have had make it increasingly likely that they will be able to overcome the talent of the Rams to take home the Trophy.

Kansas City Chiefs are tipped to be the 2022 Champions

Odds courtesy of

Los Angeles Rams: 40/85

Cincinnati Bengals: 13/8

List of Super Bowl Champions

The team in bold indicates the winner of that season

  • 1967: Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
  • 1968: Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders
  • 1969: New York Jets vs Baltimore Colts
  • 1970: Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings
  • 1971: Baltimore Colts vs Dallas Cowboys
  • 1972: Dallas cowboys vs Miami Dolphins
  • 1973: Miami dolphins v Washington Redskins
  • 1974: Miami Dolphins v Minnesota Vikings
  • 1975: Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings
  • 1976: Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys
  • 1977: Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
  • 1978: Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos
  • 1979: Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys 
  • 1980: Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams
  • 1981: Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles
  • 1982: San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1983: Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins
  • 1984: Los Angeles Raiders v Washington Redskins
  • 1985: San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins
  • 1986: Chicago Bears v New England Patriots
  • 1987: New York Giants v Denver Broncos
  • 1988: Washington Redskins v Denver Broncos
  • 1989: San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals 
  • 1990: San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos
  • 1991: New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
  • 1992: Washington Redskins v Buffalo Bills
  • 1993: Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
  • 1994: Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
  • 1995: San Francisco 49ers v San Diego (LA) Chargers
  • 1996: Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1997: Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots
  • 1998: Denver Broncos v Green Bay Packers
  • 1999: Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
  • 2000: St Louis Rams v Tennessee Titans
  • 2001: Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants
  • 2002: New England Patriots v St Louis Rams
  • 2003: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Oakland Raiders
  • 2004: New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers
  • 2005: New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles 
  • 2006: Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks
  • 2007: Indianapolis Colts v Chicago Bears
  • 2008: New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals
  • 2010: New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts
  • 2011: Green Bay Packers v Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2012: New York giants v New England Patriots
  • 2013: Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
  • 2014: Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos
  • 2015: New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
  • 2016: Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
  • 2017: New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons 
  • 2018: Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
  • 2019: New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
  • 2020: Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers
  • 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs 

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