Love Island 2021: NationalWorld’s ‘Sunburnt’ video series discusses relatable relationships and empowering women

Presenters Iain Leggat and Chelsea Rocks discuss whether viewers want relatable couples - or simply outrageous entertainment

NationalWorld’s TV and Culture reporters Iain Leggat and Chelsea Rocks are back for the second episode of Love Island video series, Sunburnt.

The eight-episode video series and podcast delves into some key issues related to the show - such as diversity, mental health and sexual taboos - and debates whether season seven has what it takes to win us over again.

Episode two, ‘Coupling up - do viewers want reality or entertainment?’ explores Love Island’s problematic representation of gender roles, its coy stance on sex, and whether viewers find the contestants relatable - or if we just want to be entertained.

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Listen as we work through what the winning formula for a hit dating show is, and whether Love Island is still the nation’s bae.

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