The Many Saints of Newark: trailer and release date of Sopranos prequel, and who's in cast with Michael Gandolfini?

The trailer reveals the first footage of Michael Gandolfini as a younger version of the role made famous by his late father

Forteen years after its critically acclaimed predecessor, audiences have been given their first look at The Sopranos prequel story, The Many Saints of Newark.

The first trailer for the prequel film reveals a young Tony Soprano – played by the late James Gandolfini’s son Michael – developing into the tough ruling mob boss of the future against the backdrop of the 1967 race riots in Newark, New Jersey.

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The Sopranos prequel will follow young Anthony as he grows up “in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark’s history,” (WarnerBros)

Here’s all you need to know about the highly anticipated prequel film.

What is The Many Saints of Newark about?

The Sopranos prequel will follow young Anthony as he grows up “in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark’s history,” according to the official synopsis.

The movie is written and produced by The Sopranos creator, David Chase, and will dig deep into the roots of the future boss of the DiMeo crime family, Tony Soprano.

The movie will tell the original stories of how the “glorified crew” came about, and how a teenaged Anthony Soprano became the feared high-ranking mobster.

In the trailer, we see the ground forces of the national guard overtake the city during the mid-sixties’ riots. Veiled threats of takedowns signal rival gangsters are challenging the mob rule in “an increasingly race-torn city.”

The trailer promises much of the same action that was crucial to The Sopranos success. Folding cash gets passed, street action moves fast, quickies can be caught in club bathrooms, and Dickie apparently knows more ways to bring the heat than mere arson.

Who is in the cast?

Michael Gandolfini stars as a young Tony Soprano. The older version of the role was made famous by his father, the late James Gandolfini, who starred as the character in The Sopranos.

Michael Gandolfini has also appeared in The Deuce, Oceans 8, and the Russo brothers 2021 film, Cherry.

Alongside Gandolfini, the movie features an all star cast list.

The role of Dickie Moltisanti is played by Alessandro Nivola. Moltisanti is the father of Tony Soprano’s cousin Christopher, and is also a highly driven mobster, who proves to be a guiding light into Tony’s journey from teenager to all-powerful mob boss.

Johnny Boy Soprano is played by The Punisher and The Walking Dead star, Jon Bernthal, and Uncle Junior is played by Ant-Man’s and House of Cards actor Corey Stoll.

Livia Soprano, who was made famous by Nancy Marchand in the original series, will be played by Vera Farmiga. Paulie Gualtieri is being played by Billy Magnussen.

Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. is playing a character named Harold McBrayer, and relative newcomer Samson Moeakiola will play the bar of Salvatore Bonpensiero.

Goodfella’s star Ray Liotta is also seen in the trailer, but it has yet to be revealed who is playing. However, in the trailer is looks like he is playing some high ranking member in the DiMeo crime family.

When is The Many Saints of Newark out in cinemas?

The film was originally slated for a September 2020 theatrical release, however, the pandemic delayed filming.

It is currently set to release in US cinemas on 1 October and also be available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days afterwards.

A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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