Gerry Cinnamon at Hampden Park: When is the last train to Glasgow? Fans may have to leave early

Gerry Cinnamon will be back at the Glasgow stadium

Gerry Cinnamon will be returning to headlinine Hampden Park tonight but fans will continue to face travel chaos.

The concert is the second sold out show at the famous football ground in Glasgow.

The support acts for the gig will be Travis and Jake Bugg.

However there is a reduced train service due to strikes on ScotRail.

If you are attending the show you might be wondering how this will impact you.

Here is all you need to know:

When is the last train after Gerry Cinnamon?

The two closest stations to Hampden Park are Mount Florida and King’s Park.

It is just a five minute walk to both of them.

According to Trainline the last train from Mount Florida to Glasgow Central is at 8.38pm today (17 July).

The last train from King’s Park is at 8.19pm.

Gerry Cinnamon announces second Hampden Glasgow show: ticket details
Gerry Cinnamon announces second Hampden Glasgow show: ticket details
Gerry Cinnamon announces second Hampden Glasgow show: ticket details

Will you have to leave early to catch the train?

If getting the train is the only option for you, then you may have to leave the concert early to catch it.

The concert gates will open at 4pm, but there are sets from Travis and Jake Bugg before Gerry Cinnamon takes to the stage.

What other public transport is available?

If you are attending the concert and usually take the train, there will be a number of public transport options available.

First Glasgow operate bus services to Hampden Park from the City Centre on a regular basis. Services include 5, 6, 7, 7A, 34, 90 and 31

The stadium is a 45 minute walk from the city centre.

Taxis and Uber are also an option.

Why are the trains running a reduced service?

Strikes are contining on ScotRail, with a reduced timetable in place.

On Wednesday, ScotRail confirmed the timetable would still be in place when Gerry Cinnamon plays at Hampden Park in Glasgow on Saturday and Sunday.

Phil Campbell, ScotRail’s head of customer operations, said: “We’re pleased that Aslef members have voted to accept our pay deal, however our temporary timetable will still be in place this weekend.

“We’re urging customers travelling to Hampden Park to see Gerry Cinnamon perform to plan ahead, to check their entire journey, and to know their travel options.

“There will be a very limited number of trains departing the city centre after the concert on Saturday night, and there will be no trains after the event on Sunday, so please check your entire journey and know what alternative transport is available.”

Age restrictions

No under 16s are allowed on the pitch and no under 5s in the stands.

Children aged 5-15 must be seated and accompanied by an adult 18 or over at all times in the stands.

Is the concert sold out?

If you have yet to get your hands on a ticket for Gerry Cinnamon - you will sadly be out of luck.

Both dates at Hampden Park are sold out.

Can you bring food and alcohol?

It is not permitted to bring food or any drinks into the Event and if found, will be confiscated.

Full or empty bottles/ jars/ containers or hydration packs are not permitted in the Event. All such containers will be confiscated and not returned.

Management/Venue operates a zero tolerance underage drinking policy.

No-one under the age of 18 is permitted to be under the influence of alcohol at the Event and You may be breathalysed which could lead to refusal.

If you are unable to produce ID evidencing that you are 18 years old or over when challenged within the Venue, your alcohol will be confiscated and you will be removed from the Event.