Stormzy: what is rapper’s real name, is he dating Maya Jama, Taylor Swift selfie and net worth - explained

British rapper Stormzy and American singer Taylor Swift shared a surprise selfie at the EMAs

Stormzy was a man on a mission at the EMAs in Germany last Sunday, as he spent a good portion of the evening tracking down Taylor Swift to get a selfie with the star. Both he and Swift were attending the awards show as nominees, and Stormzy was also performing. Stormzy’s ex-partner Maya Jama was at the event to present an award. But what is Stormzy’s real name, when did he go out with Maya Jama, and why did he get a selfie with Taylor Swift? This is everything you need to know about the Mel Made Me Do It rapper:

Stormzy performs at the EMAsStormzy performs at the EMAs
Stormzy performs at the EMAs

What is Stormzy’s real name?

Stormzy’s birth name is Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. - he previously spoke on The Graham Norton Show about the random choice for his stage name. He said: "I was about 12, 13. I was sat on my sofa in my front room, I was with my cousin [on] MSN.

“God just put it in my head and I went on MSN and changed my screen name to Stormzy, the rest is history. I wasn’t into storms, I just thought this sounds good." The rapper is also known by several other nicknames, including Stiff Chocolate, The Problem, and Wicked Skengman.

Are Stormzy and Maya Jama dating?

Stormzy and TV presenter Maya Jama dated for three years, but the pair split in 2020 amid claims that the rapper had been unfaithful. Stormzy spoke to GQ about the relationship, he said: “I think my break up with Maya was still really heavy on my heart. I’d never experienced a breakup and the feelings that come with a breakup.

“What is the necessary work I have to do to make sure I’m not in this position again? That means growth, accountability, changing my character, changing my routines, my habits, my tradition, my values, my morals.

“Because how I feel right now and how I’ve made someone else feel and how I’ve devastated a world that I was living in – I just never want to be in this position again. So what do I need to do?”

Both Stormzy and Maya Jama appeared at the EMAs and were spotted taking selfies with different artists.

Maya Jama and Maxim Baldry present Taylor Swift with the award for best videoMaya Jama and Maxim Baldry present Taylor Swift with the award for best video
Maya Jama and Maxim Baldry present Taylor Swift with the award for best video

Why did Stormzy get a selfie with Taylor Swift?

Stormzy arrived at the EMAs, held in Dusseldorf on Sunday 13 November, and set out on a quest to find Shake it Off singer Taylor Swift and have a selfie with her. Stormzy kept fans updated through his Instagram, sharing stories of himself as he searched for Swift.

He said: “Man’s tryna’ get a selfie with Taylor Swift. Taylor where you? I want a selfie Taylor. I’ve been tryna’ get a selfie with Taylor Swift man, been running around.”

About an hour after embarking on his mission, Stormzy shared proof of his success to his 3 million Instagram followers, as he posted of himself with Swift as she beamed at the camera, holding a glass of white wine. The excitement may have been too much for Stromzy, as he shared another post to his story the following morning, looking a little worse for wear, and with the caption, ‘missed my flight’. The star can probably afford to pay for a later flight, as he repoertedly has a net worth of £22 million. This is from his music sales, touring, and other endorsement deals.

Stormzy didn’t make it onto Swift’s Instagram feed either - the American singer who has 231 million Instagram followers, took home four top awards at the ceremony - best artist, best video, best pop and best longform video, the award that Stormzy was also nominated for.

Stormzy’s ex, Maya Jama, was also busy snapping selfies at the EMAs - she shared a photo with electronic pop band Goldband to her Instagram story. She also presented Swift with the award for best video, alongside Rings of Power actor Maxim Baldry.