Breeders season 3: Sky release date, trailer, cast with Martin Freeman - will there be a series 4?

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard are joined by Sally Phillips in the third season of their parenting sitcom Breeders, coming to Sky and NOW TV on 13 July

Breeders, a parenting sitcom starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, returned for its third series on Sky on Wednesday 13 July. A fourth series was confirmed to be in development in early August.

The third series, which comes from Veep writers Simon Blackwell and Chris Addison, will feature Sally Phillips in a key role as a new character.

Here’s everything you need to know about Breeders season 3, and the news we currently have about season 4.

What is it about?

Breeders is a sitcom about the ups and downs of parenting. The third series picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending to the second, with father Paul moving out of the family home after a confrontation with son Luke. Season 3 charts their attempts to reconcile.

Who stars in Breeders?

Martin Freeman as Paul and Daisy Haggard as Ava, stood in a garden holding cake at a child’s birthday party in an episode of Breeders (Credit: Sky/FX)

Martin Freeman stars as Paul. Freeman is a prolific actor, probably most recognisable now for dramatic roles like Sherlock and The Responder, but he’s also well-known for comic roles in The UK Office and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Daisy Haggard plays Ally. Haggard has previously appeared in comedies like Back to Life, Episodes (she’s great in that), and Uncle. Earlier in her career, she was a member of the sketch comedy group Man Stroke Woman.

Sally Phillips joins the series as Gabby, a new character. You might recognise Phillips from roles in Veep, Miranda, the Bridget Jones trilogy, and Smack the Pony.

They’re joined by Stella Gonet (Holby City), Alun Armstrong (Sherwood), Alex Eastwood, and Eve Prenelle amongst others.

Who writes and directs Breeders?

The series – which was co-created by Martin Freeman, partially inspired by his own experiences as a parent – is written primarily by Simon Blackwell. Blackwell has previously written episodes of Veep and The Thick of It, and created the Channel 4 series Back.

Other credited writers on Breeders season 3 include Rose Heiney (Flack), Rebecca Callard (A Bit of Light), Oriane Messina (Smack the Pony), Fay Rusling (Green Wing), and Taylor Glenn (Drunk Women Solving Crime).

Five episodes of Breeders season 3 were directed by Chris Addison (an executive on the series, best known as Ollie from The Thick of It). The remaining five were directed by Ollie Palmer (Man Like Mobeen, Hitmen).

Is there a trailer for Breeders season 3?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

When and how can I watch Breeders?

Breeders season 3 is coming to Sky Comedy and NOW TV on Wednesday 13 July. You can watch new episodes each Wednesday weekly, or immediately as a boxset.

In the US, Breeders season 3 is available to watch now via Hulu. The series started in March on FX.

How many episodes is Breeders season 3?

There are ten episodes in Breeders season 3, each around half an hour long.

What do we know about Breeders season 4?

Very little, at the moment - but one has been confirmed, and was announced by Sky during the bro

Why should I watch Breeders season 3?

It’s one to check out if you’ve enjoyed previous comedies with the two leads, or those written by its creators – shows like The Office, Back to Life, or Back. You’d also probably like it if you’re a fan of the Anna Maxwell Martin BBC Two series Motherland, which touches on a lot of the same themes.