Casa Amor 2022 cast: who are new girls and boys in new Love Island villa - including Summer, Jack and Mollie

The name of the second villa translates to House of Love, but it has previously caused couples to break up

One of the best parts of Love Island, when the boys and girls are split in to separate villas, is here for 2022.

On Friday 1 July, the girls were taken out of the villa to go on a trip, only to then be told they would not be returning to the main villa.

Instead, they were taken to Casa Amor, the famous second villa where new islanders are introduced.

On Sunday 3 July, the girls were given a chance to get to know the new boys who would be joining them in Casa Amor.

It’s not just the girls who are getting new company either. New girls are being brought in to the main villa to keep the boys company too.

So, who are the boys moving in to Casa Amor? And who are the new bombshell girls who will be joining the boys

Here’s everything you need to know.

Some of the new bombshells boys and girls entering Love Island in July 2022.Some of the new bombshells boys and girls entering Love Island in July 2022.
Some of the new bombshells boys and girls entering Love Island in July 2022.

Who are the new boys?

There are six new boys moving in to Casa Amor. They are:

Deji Adeniyi

The 25-year old accounts manager from Bedford decided to sign up for Love Island because he said his love life is “awful”.

Deji Adeniyi.Deji Adeniyi.
Deji Adeniyi.

Josh Samuel Le Grove

Josh, age 22, is a model from Essex. He said: "I think I’ll bring a lot of energy, hopefully some good chat and maybe a little bit of trouble, but we’ll see”.

Josh Samuel Le Grove.Josh Samuel Le Grove.
Josh Samuel Le Grove.

Jack Keating

Jack, 23, works in social media marketing. He’s also the son of singer Ronan Keating. Jack said he hopes to find a connection in the villa because he’s been single for four or five years.

Jack Keating.Jack Keating.
Jack Keating.

George Tasker

George is a 23-year-old labourer from the Cotswolds. He admits that he “falls in love quickly”.

George Tasker.George Tasker.
George Tasker.

Samuel Agbiji

Samuel, aged 22, is a model from Manchester. He said: “I feel like I’m at the stage where I’m happy by myself but I’m ready to pursue a connection with someone again and see where that will take me.”

Samuel Agbiji.Samuel Agbiji.
Samuel Agbiji.

Billy Brown

Billy, 23, is a roofing company director from Surrey. He’s had two girlfriends before and is hoping it will be third time lucky in Casa Amor.

Billy Brown.Billy Brown.
Billy Brown.

Who are the new girls?

There are six new girls moving in to the main villa. They are:

Summer Botwe

Events decor business co-owner Summer, aged 22, said she will “definitely uplift everyone’s spirits” and added that she has her eye on Dami.

Summer Botwe.Summer Botwe.
Summer Botwe.

Jazmine Nichol

Jazmine, who said she is nicknamed Donkey after the character from Shrek because she has the same sense of humour, is a 21-year-old nightclub manager.

Jazmine Nichol.Jazmine Nichol.
Jazmine Nichol.

Coco Lodge

Coco, age 27, is from Surrey and is a Graphic designer, ring girl and shot girl. She said she “really likes” Davide as he’s “really good looking” - and she’s Italian too.

Coco Lodge.Coco Lodge.
Coco Lodge.

Chyna Mills

Chyna, 23, is a youth support worker from Leeds. She also picked out Dami as her "top one" of the boys in the villa, with Jacques and Davide “close behind”.

Chyna Mills.Chyna Mills.
Chyna Mills.

Mollie Salmon

Mollie, aged 23, is a make-up artist from Southampton. She said: “She says her top three boys in the villa are Jay, Davide and Jacques, with Jay being number one.”

Mollie Salmon.Mollie Salmon.
Mollie Salmon.

Cheyanne Kerr

Cheyanne, 23, from Barnsley is a cabin crew member, so she says she wants to travel as well as find someone.

Cheyanne Kerr.Cheyanne Kerr.
Cheyanne Kerr.

When is Love Island on TV?

A new episode of Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub every day except Saturday.

Episodes are also available to watch on ITV Hub shortly after broadcast.

How long will Casa Amor last?

Going by previous years, Casa Amor will last roughly three or four days.

Although Casa Amor is brief when compared with the full length of the show, which spans several weeks, it has been known to cause chaos for the couples in the past.

So, viewers can expect these 12 new boys and girls to turn heads.

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