Screen Babble podcast: from crime, kitchens, dramedies and old favourites - episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of NationalWorld’s new TV podcast Screen Babble. We’ll be putting in the leg work, helping you decide where’s best to invest your viewing time and what’s to be avoided

<p>Screen Babble podcast with your hosts Kelly Crichton, and commentators Steven Ross and Alex Moreland (NationalWorld)</p>

Screen Babble podcast with your hosts Kelly Crichton, and commentators Steven Ross and Alex Moreland (NationalWorld)

Screen Babble is your essential guide to everything on television, from the mainstream to the marginal. NationalWorld’s podcast producer Kelly Crichton, news and trends expert Steven Ross, and critic Alex Moreland discuss what is – and what isn’t – worth watching, take a closer look at the show’s everyone is talking about, and reflect on some the hidden gems of recent years you might’ve missed.

This week on the podcast, we discuss what we’ve been watching recently, from recent releases like Mammals to old favourites like The Thick of It. We’re then joined briefly by actor Ambika Mod, star of BBC One medical drama This Is Going To Hurt, who told Alex recently what she’s been watching and enjoying in recent months.

Ambika Mod, Performer and BAFTA Breakthrough UK for 2022/23. (BAFTA/Sophia Spring)

Next, Steven reflects on Norwegian crime drama Lillyhammer, one of the first-ever Netflix Originals. How does it compare to the Sopranos? Was it better than the House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, the other shows that launched the streaming service? And just how similar was it to Steven’s recent trip to Oslo?

Then, Alex tells us about The Bear, an acclaimed US dramedy that’ll likely end up on a lot of ‘Best of 2022’ roundups soon. How does this series about a high-pressure kitchen compare to the Stephen Graham movie Boiling Point? Is it ‘just’ intense, or is there more to it too?

Screen Babble will also release a short episode every Friday morning outlining what you should aim to watch over the weekend and beyond. Steven will take us through what’s new and what’s hot so you can focus on settling down to some quality viewing.

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