Selling Sunset The Reunion: Netflix release date for reunion with Tan France - and where was Christine Quinn?

Selling Sunset season 5 featured plenty of drama from Chrishell and Jason’s breakup to bribery claims against Christine Quinn

The wait for Selling Sunset reunion special is now over, with the latest episode now available to stream on Netflix.

Season five saw plenty of unexpected drama from Chrishell and Jason’s romantic relationship, to Christine Quinn’s bribery claims.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, from who will be in attendance, to what we can expect.

When is the Selling Sunset reunion special?

Selling Sunset season five cast attend reunion special at Raleigh Studios Hollywood

The Selling Sunset reunion special will air on Netflix May 6 and be hosted by Queer Eye’s Tan France.


In a first for Selling Sunset, fans will be able to see the cast discuss the past season’s drama.

However, Christine Quinn will not be in attendance.

Quinn stated that she could not make the reunion due to testing positive for Covid-19, however her fellow castmates have queried this, as she was seen filming another show two days after the reunion.

What happened in Selling Sunset season five?

Season five brought the drama: from Chrishell and Jason’s romance and break-up, new agent Chelsea to Christine and the bribery claim.

When we last left off in the season finale, things were tense, Christine had been accused of attempting to bribe one of Emma’s clients, Chrishell and Jason had called it quits and Chelsea and Davina had got off on the wrong foot.


Who is in the Selling Sunset season 5 cast?

Selling Sunset season five cast includes new member Chelsea Lazkani who hails from London.

Season 5 will see all of our favourite cast members return, including Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald and her husband, Romain, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith, Maya Vander, Davina Potratz, Vanessa Villela, Emma Hernan and resident villain Christine Quinn.

Season 5 also featured new agent Chelsea Lazkani from London join the group.

Chelsea, who is British-Nigerian, studied at the University of Birmingham and worked as a business strategist before joining Los Angeles agency Rodeo Realty.


Will Christine Quinn be at the season five reunion?

Christine Quinn will not be attending the season five reunion special

Much to fans disappointment, Christine will not be present at the season five reunion due to catching Covid-19.

Season five saw Christine become close with new agent Chelsea and it seemed as if she was trying to mend her relationship with the team.

However, the season finale saw Emma accuse her of trying to bribe one of her clients.

When season five launched she tweeted: “30 minutes till the launch of Selling Sunset enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!”


Chrishell called Christine out for missing the reunion, querying if her Covid-19 excuse was legit, as she was pictured in an article posing for photos with The Real Housewives of New Jersey when she was supposed to be Covid positive.

Fans are also disappointed that they won’t be able to get her side to Emma’s bribery claims and that without her at the reunion, many of the season’s storylines willgo unanswered.

After season five launched, Christine took to Twitter to confirm she had left the Oppenheim Group and was starting her own brokerage focussing on cryptocurrency.

Will there be a season 6 of Selling Sunset?

The good news is that season 5 won’t be the end of the Selling Sunset story.


Netflix has renewed the show for a sixth and seventh season, so there will be plenty more drama to come from the glamourous realtors at the Oppenheim Group.