Who left Love Island last night? Full list of dumped contestants who have left the villa so far - and why

Islanders are starting to wave goodbye to their fellow Love Island contestants - here’s everyone who has left so far

Love Island 2022 has well and truly kicked off with the dumpings coming thick and fast.

The latest dumping saw two OG islanders leaving the villa, with their fellow contestants left in tears as a result.

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Their departure has left two islanders single, but has also opened up the door on some potential relationships.

Here’s everything you need to know about who was dumped from the Love Island villa.

Who has been dumped from the Love Island villa 2022?

Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna Ekwonna lasted 16 days in the Love Island villa. (Credit: ITV)

In the first public vote dumping of the series, two islanders were voted out.

The first unlucky victim was Ikenna Ekwonna.

Ikenna had been in the villa since day one, but recently found himself in a tricky situation after splitting with his partner Indiyah.

The split was screened after the public vote took place, but there were warning signs that the relationship was cooling off well before the couple called it quits.

The 23-year-old pharmacutical salesman said that being placed in the bottom three was “upsetting” but he knew it was his time to go.

He said: “When I was the first name read out I was like, OK cool, that’s my time done. I sort of knew it was my time when I was in the bottom three.

“I was a bit upset obviously, but still excited to know what it’s going to be like on the outside world.”

Ikeena added that he would be happy to see his former partner Indiyah explore a relationship with Dami, saying: “I’m happy for the both of them really. I was pretty close to the both of them.

“They’re both my mates. If that works out, that’ll be pretty sick to see on TV.”

Ikenna lasted a total of 16 days in the villa.

Amber Beckford

Amber Beckford lasted 16 days in the villa. (Credit: ITV)

Amber was announced as the second islander to leave after the public vote.

The 24-year-old was also an OG islander and had been coupled up with Dami since arriving.

However, similarly to Ikenna and Indiyah, their relationship seemed to be hitting the rocks somewhat, with Dami showing an interest in Indiyah right before his partner and Ikenna were voted out.

Amber, who described her experience as a “rollercoaster”, also had a fiery relationship with fellow islander Ekin-Su, with the two clashing the night before she left. However, all was at peace once more the morning after, when the two girls cleared the air.

Upon leaving, she said that she would one of the things she would miss the most would be the friendships she made inside the villa, adding: “Even though there was a sort of rift between me and Ekin-Su at one point, I feel like we had a good friendship.

“If anything, I think we both really respected each other and we were honest with each other about how we felt.

“Sometimes friendships flourish more when you’re honest with each other.”

Amber lasted a total of 16 days in the villa.

Who else has left the Love Island villa 2022?

Afia Tonkmor

Afia Tonkmor was the first islander to be dumped on the newest series of Love Island. (Credit: ITV)

The first islander of the series to be officially dumped was 25-year-old lounge host Afia Tonkmor.

Bombshell Jacques had the power to save one of the at-risk girls.

The rugby player chose to save Welsh paramedic Paige, leaving Afia to become the first dumped islander of 2022.

The London girl had arrived in the villa alongside fellow bombshell Ekin-Su, who was able to find a coupling before the dumping.

Afia lasted a total of five days in the villa before being dumped.

Remi Lambert

Remi was dumped on day 14 in the Love Island villa. (Credit: ITV)

Remi Lambert, a 22-year-old model from Manchester, was the second islander to be dumped from the island.

He arrived alongside Jay Younger, who he described as his “guy for life now”, as a bombshell contestant. While Jay found a coupling with Ekin-Su, Remi was not able to make the same impact on any of the other girls.

Remi started speaking to Indiyah, but found himself leaving the island after she chose to stick with her original coupling with Ikenna.

He lasted six days in the Love Island villa.

Liam Llewellyn

Liam Llewelyn removed himself from the villa after admitting that he found it difficult to be himself on the show. (Credit: ITV)

Early fan favourite Liam Llewellyn shocked viewers and islanders alike by announcing only five days into the show beginning that he was choosing to leave.

The 22-year-old graduate, who had been in the villa since opening night as an OG contestant, was left single after fishmonger Luca decided to couple up with his partner Gemma during the first recoupling of the series.

Despite being choosen by the public to go on a date with with bombshells Ekin-su and Afia, Liam admitted the his fellow islanders that he was struggling to be “100% himself” inside the villa.

Liam gathered the contestants at the fire pit during Friday’s episode and said: “Obviously we all came here for the same sort of reason, but I haven’t been giving 100 per cent Liam. I know what 100 per cent Liam is and I’m miles off that.

“Trying to find someone you leave the villa with that you love, that’s the goal. But when you’re not feeling that, it makes it a very hard sort of time to find that. I’ve been thinking long and hard, it isn’t spur of the moment, so I’ve made a decision I’m going to leave the villa.”

His former partner Gemma said that she felt “guilty” about him choosing to leave, while fellow islander Amber was left in tears as he said his goodbyes.

Since returning home, Liam has been active on social media once again and thanks fans for their support during his short stint on the show.

He told his Instagram followers: “I’m back. I am absolutely blown away by the love and support that has been shown to me whilst I was in the villa and since I’ve been out. I appreciate you all like you wouldn’t believe #loveislandbaby.”

Liam’s Love Island experience lasted a total of five days.

Zach Hartman

This one may be a head scratcher for some fans given we never actually saw Zach on our screens, but the model was due to arrive in the villa as a bombshell before dropping out.

Producers were left scrambling for a replacement bombshell after the ASOS and Ralph Lauren model backed out of entering the villa.

According to The Sun, Zach told friends: “I was meant to be going on Love Island this year and flying out this week.

“After long conversations with my family and thinking about what I wanted out of my career, I decided against it.

“Would’ve been an easy year to wins seeing as none of the guys have any game on there. But I’ve got to do what’s best for me.”

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