What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 18 recap as Charlie goes on two dates with Ekin-Su and Tasha

Ekin-Su and Jay appear to have called it quits after a fiery argument in the Love Island villa after Jay made it clear that he wanted to get to know Paige

Love it or hate it, Love Island has become one of the most highly anticipated reality TV shows of the year, with legions of fans gathering each evening on Twitter to react to the drama as it happens.

However, with episodes almost every single night, it can be difficult sometimes to keep up - occasionally life gets in the way of watching (mostly) 20 somethings sit around a villa in Mallorca chatting about their type on paper.

To make sure that you’re not out of the loop, this is everything you need to know about what went down during Episode 18, which aired on Thursday 23 June.

Jay and Ekin-Su implode in explosive argument

New boy Charlie Radnedge opened the episode by getting to know the islanders around the firepit.

But his was not the drama that was at the centre of the villa, as Jay and Ekin-Su headed off for a conversation about Jay’s interest in getting to know Paige.

The revelation came as a shock to Ekin-Su, who said that she didn’t understand Jay’s apparent sudden interest in Paige but the initial conversation ended without any aggression, with Jay saying that he was happy with how they left it.

Ekin-Su and Jay called it quits after a heated exchange. (Credit: ITV)Ekin-Su and Jay called it quits after a heated exchange. (Credit: ITV)
Ekin-Su and Jay called it quits after a heated exchange. (Credit: ITV)

Jay was up front with Jacques about his intentions in pulling his partner for a chat, with Jacques taking the news surprisingly well, telling the Edinburgh boy to not “feel awkward” about the situation and “crack on”.

However, shortly after Jay and Jacques conversation, Ekin-Su’s anger exploded as she confronted her partner about how she’s feeling.

In a very heated exchange, Ekin-Su told Jay: “First of all, I take everything back that I said here. I was calm, collected and it just hit me now what you have done. You knew at the recoupling to stay safe that I would pick you. You could have got to know Paige from day dot.”

She added that she felt he had led her on by telling her that his head wouldn’t turn.

Ekin-Su stormed off from the fire pit, telling Jay in true Davide-style that he deserved an Oscar for his performance.

Ekin-Su was not happy after her conversation with Jay. (Credit: ITV)Ekin-Su was not happy after her conversation with Jay. (Credit: ITV)
Ekin-Su was not happy after her conversation with Jay. (Credit: ITV)

Jacques adds to Ekin-Su’s headache

Following her argument with Jay, Ekin-Su looked to get support from the villa but some islanders felt that she was getting a taste of her own medicine.

Repeatedly branding her once-beau “muggy”, the islanders appeared to shoot down Ekin-Su’s accusations, with Jacques one of the most vocal of the group.

Jacques told Ekin-Su: “He coupled up with you and found out what you were in two days - you’re a f**ing headache.”

The woman at the centre of the whole situation, Paige, finally had her say, admiting that Jacques’ insistance that she and Jay chat hurt her.

The Welsh paramedic broke down while speaking to Tasha in the makeup room, telling her friend that she thought Jacques’ keenness for her to get to know someone else was a signal that he wasn’t as involved in the relationship as she was.

Davide and Danica grow closer

Single boy Davide hasn’t has the bets of luck in the villa so far, but could his luck be turning?

There has been some flirting between the Italian boy and Danica in the past few days and the pair took their relationship to the next level.

In a conversation on the outdoor sofas, Davide took Danica by surprise with a passionate kiss.

Davide and Danica had their first kiss. (Credit: ITV)Davide and Danica had their first kiss. (Credit: ITV)
Davide and Danica had their first kiss. (Credit: ITV)

The move seemed to play well, with Danica admitting that it left her “hot and flustered”.

Charlie takes Ekin-Su and Tasha on a hot tub date

The next morning, Charlie received a text which told him to pick two girls to take on a date.

New boy Charlie was instructed to take two islanders on a date. (Credit: ITV)New boy Charlie was instructed to take two islanders on a date. (Credit: ITV)
New boy Charlie was instructed to take two islanders on a date. (Credit: ITV)

The London bombshell chose to take out Ekin-Su and Tasha.

Ekin-Su did some major flirting in the hot tub, looking to move on from her Jay-related heartbreak.

She told Charlie that he was a “confident guy”, something which she didn’t expect from the real estate developer.

Charlie had said previously that Tasha and Andrew looked like the most solid couple in the villa so far, but added that he wouldn’t stop getting to know Tasha.

His interest might even have Tasha feeling a different way, with the dancer admitting to the girls that her head could turn and that she would go on another date.

Wait, so who likes who?

We know it can be difficult to keep up with who likes who in Love Island villa, so here is your official rundown.

The official couples are currently:

  • Danica and Luca
  • Tasha and Andrew
  • Ekin-Su and Jay
  • Jacques and Paige
  • Gemma and Davide

We currently have a few singletons floating around the villa - Dami, Indiya, Danica, Antigoni and Charlie.

Dami and Indiyah are more or less an unofficial couple at the moment, they just need the recoupling to set it in stone.

Davide is making a move for both Danica and Antigoni with his friendship coupling partner Gemma still loved-up with Luca.

Ekin-Su and Jay look like they are finished, with Ekin-Su getting on with new boy Charlie. Jay is wanting to get to know Paige but she doesn’t appear to have the same eagerness to turn her attention away from Jacques.

Charlie has also shown an interest in Tasha alongside Ekin-Su - could the London boy begin to make cracks in Tasha and Andrew’s coupling?

Where can I catch up?

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