Who won The Great British Sewing Bee 2022? Winner revealed in series finale - and when is next series?

The season eight finale saw the four remaining contestants take on three more challenges under the watchful eyes of judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant

The Great British Sewing Bee finalistsThe Great British Sewing Bee finalists
The Great British Sewing Bee finalists

BBC One show, The Great British Sewing Bee is onto a winning formula, now eight seasons in and as popular as ever.

Along with other ‘Great British’ shows like Bake Off, Pottery Throwdown, and Menu, Sewing Bee is a warm comfort show that offers a welcome distraction from the hellscape of modern life.

The Great British Sewing Bee finalistsThe Great British Sewing Bee finalists
The Great British Sewing Bee finalists

Each episode sees contestants complete a series of sewing challenges, with their designs judged by fashion designers Esme Young and Patrick Grant.

The season eight finale aired on 29 June, and was bumped to BBC Two because of Wimbledon coverage airing on BBC One.

Host Sara Pascoe watched over the four finalists as they fought for the crown.

Who were the finalists?

The series started with 12 contestants, but week by week the loose threads were pulled, leaving just four finalists.

The finalists were: school teacher Brogan, personal assistant Debra, fashion buyer Annie, and pensions actuary Man Yee.

What were the final challenges?

The first challenge of the final was the pattern challenge - the four finalists were tasked with recreating the amorphous dress worn by Linda Kozlowski in the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee.

Brogan came unstuck here, presented an untidy dress made from foiled pink lycra to the judges, while Debra impressed with a neat replica that put her into the lead.

The second task required the finalists to think on their feet as they were given the fabric scraps from their last nine weeks on the show and asked to design a party outfit from the offcuts.

The final challenge of the show was to design a red-carpet jumpsuit with luxury fabrics that was made to measure for models chosen from the contestants’ friends and families.

Brogan made a leopard print jumpsuit for her sister Hayley, and Patrick said: “I think Hayley looks fantastic, the skirt has real movement and flow. Everything is very delicately managed."

Debra designed a strapless piece for her friend Linda to wear on her hen do, and Man Yee made a jumpsuit inspired by the DC Comics character Harley Quinn for her friend Beth.

Annie’s outfit included a two-metre train and an oversized bow, and was made for her former colleague Marina.

Annie won The Great British Sewing Bee season 8Annie won The Great British Sewing Bee season 8
Annie won The Great British Sewing Bee season 8

Who is The Great British Sewing Bee 2022 winner?

After all the designs were completed Esme and Patrick declared Annie to be the winner of season eight of The Great British Sewing Bee.

Annie had previously won garment of the week in episodes six, eight, and nine, and consistently impressed the judges with her designs.

Annie said: "I just wasn’t prepared for it at all. It was definitely a shock, but a nice one, absolutely.

“I think we were all so focused on the challenges week by week, the final came so quickly. It was a surreal feeling to get to the final for all of us. I really didn’t expect to win."

Is there a Great British Sewing Bee season 9?

Season nine of The Great British Sewing Bee has not been officially confirmed yet.

However, the programme did put out a casting call for keen sewers to participate in season nine of the show.

Applications for season nine closed in May, and the last three seasons of the show all began airing in April.

When season nine is confirmed you can expect the premiere date to be some time in April 2023.

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