Cadbury Heroes: what chocolates are in a typical tub, how many different types of chocolate treats are there?

From Twirls to Wispas, these are the bars you can expect to find in one of the UK’s most-loved chocolate selection boxes

Christmas 2022 may have been and gone, but there is no reason why the chocolate selection box season has to end.

The recent festive season was quite a controversial time for the confectionery world. Nestlé changed Quality Street wrappers so that they would become more environmentally friendly - a move that has not been universally popular with fans.

Meanwhile, Cadbury had to replace some of its mini chocolate tub Twirls with full-sized ones due to supply chain disruption. The chocolate manufacturer has also been mixing up its offering in recent months, introducing a limited-edition white chocolate version of the Creme Egg and announcing the launch of a new ‘lower calorie’ range.

These developments are the latest in a long history of creating some of the UK’s best-loved chocolates - some of which have disappeared from shelves over the years. One of the biggest launches Cadbury has ever had was back in 1999 when it brought Heroes to the market.

But which chocolates can you find in a typical Heroes tub these days? Here’s what you need to know.

Cadbury Heroes chocolates are a key part of Christmas for many across the UK (image: Adobe)Cadbury Heroes chocolates are a key part of Christmas for many across the UK (image: Adobe)
Cadbury Heroes chocolates are a key part of Christmas for many across the UK (image: Adobe)

What’s in a Heroes chocolate box?

Cadbury Heroes have been a Christmas staple since just before the turn of the century. The line up of chocolates inside has changed over the 23 years since it was launched - although some originals remain. These are the treats you can expect to find inside a typical tub and what quantities you can expect to find them in:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk

The OG of the Cadbury chocolate box stable, Dairy Milk bars have been around since 1905 when the confectionery manufacturer sought to take on the might of Swiss chocolatiers. They tend to be one of the most common bars in a box of Heroes.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel

For those who like a luxurious chocolate, Caramel bars are likely to be the option for you. But you’ll have to grab them quickly as they are usually not found in great numbers in chocolate boxes.

  • Eclairs

Not always the most popular of Heroes sweets, Eclairs always seem to be numerous because they are usually the last Heroes left.

  • Fudge

Around since 1948, Fudge bars have been available in Heroes boxes since the product line launched. They are pretty common and are rarely anyone’s first choice, but most people will settle for them.

  • Twirl

Twirls are one of the more popular chocolates thanks in large part to their flakey texture, which somehow seems to make them even tastier than a standard Dairy Milk bar. The mini Twirls became a bit more of a rarity than usual in Heroes tubs during Christmas 2022 after a supply chain problem meant Cadbury had to replace them with full-size versions.

Cadbury chocolates are a popular treat at Christmas (image: Getty Images)Cadbury chocolates are a popular treat at Christmas (image: Getty Images)
Cadbury chocolates are a popular treat at Christmas (image: Getty Images)
  • Creme Egg Twisted

The marmite option in Cadbury Heroes tubs. Too sickly sweet for some and the perfect early taste of Easter for others, the fondant goo creation is one of the newest additions to the Heroes box. They usually appear in small numbers, so you’ll have to hope you’re the only fan in the building when it’s your turn to raid the tub.

  • Crunchie Bits

Like Fudge, Crunchies are everyone’s favourite second choice. Also like Fudge bars, they tend to appear in plentiful quantities in a typical Heroes box.

  • Dinky Decker

The smaller sibling of the massive, indulgent Double Decker chocolate bar, Dinky Deckers are a firm favourite. Only available in small quantities in Heroes tins, you have to get in there quick to avoid disappointment.

  • Wispa

Launched UK-wide in 1983, it’s hard to believe that Cadbury discontinued Wispa bars between 2003 and 2008 given how they are often one of the first chocolates to disappear from the Heroes box.

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