Introducing The Reset Room - the podcast that aims to be your very own life coach

The Reset Room is a new podcast from NationalWorld and Laudable that helps you reach your potential. Get in touch with your questions for our experts

<p> The Reset Room is a new podcast from NationalWorld with expert guests Kay Woodburn and Amana Walker</p>

The Reset Room is a new podcast from NationalWorld with expert guests Kay Woodburn and Amana Walker

For many of us, our personal and professional worlds have been turned upside down over the past 18 months.

It’s been tough even just to log on, as jobs and working patterns change.

While this has been hugely challenging and anxiety-inducing, there are also opportunities to grow and succeed, as we emerge on the other side.

That’s why we’re launching a new podcast - called The Reset Room - which will equip you with the tools to succeed and answer your questions along the way.

Each week The Reset Room will cover specific topics relating to life, performance and pressure.

In episode one, host Kelly Crichton will be joined by resident experts in life coaching and personal development, Amana Walker and Kay Woodburn.

Together, they’ll look at ‘Life after Lockdown’ and re-emerging into both the workplace and society.


Get in touch with your questions

And we want to hear from you.

Is there something you’re dealing with that you would like our experts’ advice on?

Maybe you're not comfortable within a new team or working environment? Perhaps you have more responsibility and you’re trying to balance this with home pressures? Or maybe you just don’t feel ready to get back out there?

Drop us an email with your questions on any area of your life, work or performance and we’ll get you the advice you need on each episode.

Send any questions to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Reset Room’.

The Reset Room will be available wherever you get your podcasts

Our experts

Our resident experts have years of experience in helping people in all walks of life achieve and perform to the best of their potential.

Kay Woodburn is the founder of Gritty People - a people development consultancy specialising in behavioural change in all aspects of life, from global business to elite sport.

She founded the company from a passion and deep curiosity around human behaviour and how an individual’s beliefs, focus and interactions can influence successful, and sometimes not so successful, outcomes.

Kay says: “Our personal and professional environments have changed and are still changing. We need to do more with less, and that requires a new mindset and internal strength.”

Amana Walker has 25 years of coaching experience and has seen it all when it comes to personal growth, challenges and helping people perform under the pressures we face in life.

She says: “When you want to be the best - or stay at your best, you need to work at it because whatever thoughts, concerns or doubts that you have running through your head, will be reflected in your performance and behaviour. In fact, succeeding at anything in life means learning how to manage yourself and overcoming the hurdles that might come your way.”

Watch out for the launch of The Reset Room, a Laudable and JPI Media production coming to all podcast platforms this month.

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