M20 motorway closures: is it open, junctions shut, latest traffic, diversion routes

Operation Brock is continuing in a bid to reduce traffic around Dover.

Drivers are being warned that the M20 could be closed to “non-freight traffic” once again over the weekend.

The measure woukd be part of Operation Brock and is a bid to manage HGVs and other freight heading for the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel.

It comes as an “extremely busy” weekend is expected at Dover, according to ferry services.

Passengers are warned to allowed two-hours for queuing at the port over the coming days.

Is the M20 open?

It is currently open but with the “contraflow system” in place.

Previous alerts from National Highways said that the motorway had been closed in Kent for non-freight traffic coastbound between J8 (Maidstone) and J12 (Folkstone).

The Londonbound carriageway has been fully open to all vehicles and is flowing freely throughout the day.

M20 is closed to “non-freight” traffic. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Why have closures been put in place?

It is a measure that is part of Operation Brock, which aims to tackle delays around the Port of Dover.

The contraflow system is designed to keep traffic on the M20 and other roads in Kent moving when there is disruption to travel across the English Channel.

Are there any delays on the M20?

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How have holidaymakers reacted?

One man, who was travelling with his wife and two children on Sunday by Eurotunnel, said it was a “stressful” experience being stuck for eight hours in the car before boarding a train.

The man, who gave his name only as Eugene, told the PA news agency that while travelling to France by car suits his family, he would rethink it if every journey was likely to involve such major delays.

The 53-year-old said: “Have made this journey a number of times pre-pandemic and pre-Brexit. No such issues apart from occasional minor delay. A shame that this has occurred.”

What is the diversion route?

The diversion for all light vehicles such as cars (including tourist traffic bound for Eurotunnel and Port of Dover) and HGVs under 15’6 for local destinations last weekend was:

  • Exit the M20 at J8 and take the third exit at the roundabout and at the next roundabout take the first exit on to the A20
  • Remain on the A20 to Ashford and at the Drovers Roundabout and take the fourth exit on to the A28
  • Follow the A28 to the second roundabout with the B2229 at the roundabout take the first exit B2229 (Brookfield Road) and continue to the second roundabout with the A2042
  • Take the third exit on to the A2042 and head east
  • Remain on the A2042 and at the first roundabout and take the first exit on to the A2042
  • Follow the A2042 onto the A2070 and at the first roundabout and take the second exit to remain on the A2070 to the M20 J10A roundabout
  • Take the third exit on to the A20 and remain on the A20 to rejoin the M20 at J1
  • Non freight traffic for the Eurotunnel can access at J11A from the A2

Due to heavy congestion on the diversion route on the A20 around the entry to Eurotunnel, tourist traffic bound for Port of dover is advised to follow the below strategic diversion route:

  • Leave the M20 at J7 and and take the 1st exit onto the A249 northbound.
  • Follow the A249 northbound to the M2 J5 and join the M2 eastbound at J5.
  • Continue on the M2 eastbound to J7 Brenley Corner roundabout and take the 4th exit onto the A2 eastbound.
  • Follow the A2 eastbound to the Port of Dover