A new report has revealed the top 10 most expensive climate disasters of 2022. Credit: Mark Hall / NationalWorld

Most expensive climate disasters 2022: costliest floods, droughts, and storms - how many occurred this year?

A new report has revealed the top 10 costliest environmental disasters of 2022.

2022 has been a year of some “devastating” climate-related disasters, with countries across the globe suffering from more intense storms, deadlier flooding, and a huge bout of summer droughts.

A new report from Christian Aid has highlighted the top 10 most expensive environmental disasters of the year, including hurricanes in North America, torrential downpours in Asia, and record-breaking heatwaves in the UK. These have caused deaths, displacement, destruction, and widespread environmental damage.

Scientists have said many of the events were driven by rising global temperatures as a result of human activity. They added this highlights the importance of the special fund created at COP27, which will compensate people in poorer countries for the loss and damage they suffered at the hands of the climate crisis.

So here are the 2022 climate disasters which racked up the biggest costs - and the impacts they had on the people and countries hit.

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