CCTV captures the astonishing moment a lost dog wanders into a police station looking for help

Beautiful border collie Rosie has since been reunited with her owner

A lost dog has been reunited with its owner - after the super smart pooch went in to a police station looking for help.

Border collie Rosie sought help from police officers when she was trying to find her owner, who she had become separated from during a walk, earlier this month.

Rosie’s owner had been trying to find her pet for over an hour after she ran off during a walk in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and was then shocked to receive a call from local police officers.

“What a lovely clever dog”

Astonishing CCTV footage shows beautiful border collie Rosie wandering through the automatic doors at Loughborough Police station, seemingly to hand herself in to officers and seek their help.

Rosie walked around the entrance area of the police station before lying down by the doors.

Curious officers checked her collar to see if they could find out any information about her. Luckily, the owner had given Rosie a collar with her name and number on it so officers were able to call her quickly and let her know her beloved was safe.

A representative from Leicestershire Police said: "Thankfully she was wearing a collar, so a lead was available to contact Rosie’s owner, who was delighted she had been found safe and well. Rosie was being walked nearby with a second dog when she managed to wander off. What a lovely, clever dog. Our staff fetched some water for Rosie, and made fast friends with plenty of fuss.”

A border collie called Rosie, who got lost out on a walk, handed herself into a police station in Loughborough while looking for help.

Lost and hound

Leicestershire Police were so surprised by Rosie’s visit that they decided to post the video footage of her coming in to the station on their Facebook page. At the time of writing, the post has attracted more than 2,000 views and shares.

Social media users were also quick to share their opinions on Rosie’s adventure.

Johnny Connell said: “She clearly followed signs for the nearest lost and hound!”

Shar Jones wrote: “Obviously wants to be part of the K-9 unit and become a police dog.

Glad she ended up safe and well at the police station.”

Karon Kendillon-Hollis said: “I didn’t even know humans could get into Loughborough police station still.”

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