How many faces do you see? Baffling TikTok optical illusion claims viewers who can see two are in top 1%

The clever optical illusion challenges viewers to see an angry man and a sad man

A clever optical illusion challenges viewers to spot two faces within a single image and claims only 1% of the population will be able to see both.

The illusion, shared on TikTok by presenter Dean Jackson, depicts the face of a man who is looking sad, but it also contains another picture.

Hidden within the image is the face of an angry-looking man, but just a tiny percentage of people are able to pick the second man out.

Can you see an angry and a sad face? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)
Can you see an angry and a sad face? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)
Can you see an angry and a sad face? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)

How many faces can you see?

In the video, Mr Jackson explains: “Right now, you’re seeing the face of a man who’s looking a little bit sad.

“It’s said that just under one per cent of people can also see an angry face as well.”

He allows viewers a few seconds to try and spot the angry man, inviting people to comment with “step 1” in the comments if they can see it.

Those who are struggling to find the angry face are advised to cover part of the image with their finger - on the nose just below one of the eyes - to help pick it out.

He says: “If you can’t see the angry face, put a finger on the screen just there - hold it for a second.”

Viewers who could spot the angry man using the tip were asked to post “step 2” in the comments to confirm they had found it.

But even with the simple trick, many viewers were still unable to pick the second face out.

Mr Jackson adds: “Just give yourself another five seconds and if you still can’t see that face then please post ‘what angry face’ in the comments.”

Several people vented their frustration in the comments saying they were struggling to see the second face.

One user wrote: “I can’t see the angry face at all.”

Another said: “What angry face? And I normally get these.”

“Nope. Still can’t see it,” a third added.

Other viewers were quick to offer guidance in the comments, sharing hacks on how to pick out the angry face.

One user advised: “If you’re having trouble, imagine the ear as the eye.”

“Bare part of cheek is new nose. Right eye is ear. Left part of new face is in shadow,” another said.

A third wrote: “"Cover from the top of his head all the way down the right of his face.

"Tilt your phone slightly to the right and he has one black eye and one white one."

What colours do you see?

Another illusion that is leaving people baffled is a video shared by TikTok by user @seaondoesmagic which claims to turn viewers colourblind after staring at an image in a 50-second test.

Viewers are asked to stare at four different coloured squares that are blue, green, red and yellow.

The sqaures should change colour after 50 seconds (Photo: TikTok / @seandoesmagic)
The sqaures should change colour after 50 seconds (Photo: TikTok / @seandoesmagic)
The sqaures should change colour after 50 seconds (Photo: TikTok / @seandoesmagic)

After focusing on the centre of the image, the user says the squares will change colour less than a minute later, leaving viewers feeling as if they have gone colourblind.

In the clip, the user known as Seany, says: “I’m gonna make you colorblind and if you don’t believe me then try this out.

“On the screen there should be a square image with four different colours.

“What I want you to do is stare at the very centre of this image and don’t take your eyes off it - try not to blink.

“What’s going to happen is you’re going to keep staring at the centre, keep focusing and focusing on this image, and then in a few seconds the colours are going to change. And then the colours are going to slowly turn into black and white.”

The video creator then counts down from three and clicks his figures, and the image on the screen changes colour.

He adds: “Now it should look like a really weird colour and slowly fade to black and white.

“You should now feel colourblind.”