What image do you see? First thing you spot in optical illusion reveals if you’re happy or not

What do you see? How you interpret optical illusions can reveal insights into the relationships in your life right now

Optical illusions can reveal hidden aspects of your personality depending on how you interpret an image. Many illusions are very simplistic and comprise of two images, each with a different meaning.

Some people are only able to spot one of the images, while others can switch between the two with ease. Research suggests the faster you can switch between images, the quicker your brain works - and those who can do this at speed are the most creative.

It is claimed that people who are more creative are more right-brain orientated, meaning they tend to be more intuitive and visual thinkers. By comparison, those who are more left-brained tend to be more logical and analytical thinkers, and will pay closer attention to detail.

One optical illusion shared on TikTokputs our way of thinking to the test and claims to reveal whether we are happy or not, depending on what image our brain focuses on first.

What image do you see?

A Danish optical illusion shared on TikTok by Bright Side is leaving people confused as viewers can see two very different things.

What image do you see? (Photo: @brightside.official/TikTok)What image do you see? (Photo: @brightside.official/TikTok)
What image do you see? (Photo: @brightside.official/TikTok)

Some people see a picture of an apple core on first glance, while others see the outline of two faces looking at each other. But what does each image mean?

The apple

If you saw the apple first, this is said to mean that you are happy and content with what you see in life.

The voiceover explains: “If it’s an apple to you, you take things for what they are and you are pretty happy with what you see in life. You know you can always rely on your close people and they will support you no matter what. You’re always in a good mood and you pass it on to others.”

Two people

If you spotted two faces looking at each other first, it is said that you prioritise relationships in life, but you may be going through a period of uncertainty at the moment.

The voiceover says: “Relationships are your big priority in life. You might be going through a time of uncertainty with someone special to you. Remember, the best you can do is discuss it together and not hold it all in your heart. Things will surely get better.”

This isn’t the only optical illusion circulating on the internet that has got people thinking.

A strange black and white image, shared by Your Tango, can be interpreted in three different ways and how you see it is said to reveal your biggest personality strengths.

What do you see in this image? (Credit: Yourtango.com)What do you see in this image? (Credit: Yourtango.com)
What do you see in this image? (Credit: Yourtango.com)

Those who spotted the little girl first are said to be very determined and tend to move past life’s difficulties and are able to overcome obstacles with comfort.

People who see the little girl are thought to have a youthful spirit which makes them determined to face challenges other people may struggle with. They are also said to have a calm perspective in life which means they do not bow under pressure, even under difficult circumstances.

If you saw the skull first, you are supposedly a deep thinker and your greatest strength is your intellect. Skulls have been used in art and literature for many years to represent the power of the mind and the same is true in this case.

If you looked at the bigger picture and saw the scenery first, your biggest strength is your ability to trust your instinct to make the right decisions. In situations when others would panic you can always rely on your gut feeling because you know it will be right.

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