What do you see? Illusion reveals your secret weakness in love based on what you spot first

How you interpret the image is said to reveal what characteristic is your romantic weakness

Optical illusions are designed to play tricks on the mind, but they are also thought to reveal intriguing insights into our personality.

How we see an image is thought to be linked to how our brain works, revealing whether we favour the left or the right.

Creative people tend to be more right-brain oriented, and are very intuitive and visual people.

By comparison, those who are more right-brain oriented are typically more logical and analytical, and have a strong attention to detail.

Optical illusions help to put these characteristics to the test and what we see is supposedly reflective of our dominant traits, such as if we are outgoing or introverted.

But our interpretation of illusions can also reveal our hidden desires, including what we are drawn to in romantic relationships.

What do you see?

This optical illusion is said to reveal your secret weaknesses in love, depending on what you see first.

What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)
What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)

The picture, by artist Oleg Shupliak, is composed of four different images, with each one supposedly reflective of what you are most drawn to in another person when it comes to romance, according to Your Tango.

For each person who falls in love, there is something distinct about what they are most attracted to, with everyone supposedly having a hidden romantic weakness.

The masked woman

If you saw the masked woman first, the thing you find most attractive about falling in love is the chase.

It means that you enjoy the early days of falling in love the most, before the relationship becomes serious and official.

Your Tango explains: “This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re into serial monogamy, but let’s be real, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if you are.

“You can’t help it; you love those early-bird days of falling in love, when you aren’t quite boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but could definitely consider yourselves to be ‘a thing’.

“Those early days of romantic love are something special and should definitely be cherished, but love can and should go a whole lot deeper.”

The couple

If you spotted the couple first, it means you are most attracted to the sense of safety and security when falling in love.

You may try to be cool and single like your friends, but the truth is you find the prospect of building a life with someone you love and trust really appealing, and the hope of finding someone to do that with is your whole motivation to go on dates.

However, these things take time and cannot be forced, so patience is key and the reward will be worth it.

The empty boat

If you saw the empty boat first, it means that you are most attracted to the unknown when falling in love.

While new and different things can be seen as scary by many people, to you they are hugely appealing and not something to avoid.

Your Tango explains: “For you, meeting someone new and falling for them is one of the scariest things imaginable — and that’s what makes it so incredibly appealing.”

These people are advised to indulge in their love of adventure, but to also allow themselves to open up and get to know someone on a deeper level.

The boatman

If you spotted the boatman first, it means you are most attracted to the idea of getting out of your own head.

You find the prospect of meeting someone who can transport you out of those feelings of fear and insecurity very appealing, and that feeling is what keeps you coming back to them for more.

Your Tango explains: “It’s good that you know that turning your heart outward connects you with the world at-large, as long as you keep things in perspective. No one else can ‘fix’ you or your problems.

“Love doesn’t make a person whole, after all, it just provides support when the burden of life feels too darn heavy.”

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