What is the MeowTalk Cat App? Is it free, how does it work - and can it translate your cat’s meows into words

Messages from your cat can include ‘feed me’, ‘I’m angry’, ‘leave me alone’ or ‘come here’

Ever wondered what your cat might be saying, well now you can find out with the help of MeowTalk a “cat translation app”.

The new app claims to translate your cat’s meow’s into human words and phrases.

So far it has over 17 million downloads, 250 million recorded meows and 8 million cat profiles created.

So, what is MeowTalk, is it real and does it actually work? Here’s everything you need to know.

The app claims to translate your cat’s meows into human words (Pic: Getty Images)
The app claims to translate your cat’s meows into human words (Pic: Getty Images)
The app claims to translate your cat’s meows into human words (Pic: Getty Images)

What is the MeowTalk Cat App?

MeowTalk is a cat app that claims to translate your cat’s meow’s into human words.

Developed by former Amazon Alexa engineer Javier Sanchez, it records the sounds your cat makes and then attempts to identify what they are trying to tell you.

On its website MeowTalk says it aims to “help strengthen the bond between cats and their humans by giving them a voice.”

Adding that “by translating their cats’ meows with our MeowTalk app, owners can finally understand what their cats are trying to tell them, allowing them to better address their needs.”

The app launched in the UK at the end of 2020, but has only recently gone viral after being released in Japan.

So far it has been downloaded 17 million times, with 250 million meows recorded and 8 million cat profiles created.

Is it free?

The app is entirely free to download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

However, to access additional features you will be required to pay a monthly subscription.

How does it work?

According to MeowTalk, the app can translate cat’s meows into human words and phrases.

Every cat has its own distinct meow that it uses to communicate with its owners.

MeowTalk utilises Machine Learning software alongside 13 preset vocalisations that try and link to your cat’s meows.

It will then give the human equivalent in a message form on the app using one of those phrases.

These can include “feed me”, “I’m angry”, “leave me alone” or “come here.”

There is even an Alexa-style setting that will automatically pick up on your cat’s meows and send a human translation directly to your phone.

The app uses its millions of cat recordings to refine the algorithms and improve its accuracy.

They have plenty of videos on their social media of humans interacting with their cats through the app.

Can it really translate your cat’s meows into human words?

Whilst the jury is still out on whether the app is a direct translation of what your cat is saying to you, the app has been growing in popularity amongst cat owners.

Videos on social media show cat owners interacting with their cats, asking them questions and often being surprised by the results.

In a video on MeowTalk’s Twitter, a cat owner takes us through the history setting to see what words their cat Felix has said to them.

Words include “I’m in love”, “I’m not in a good mood”, “I don’t want to be here” and “I’m furious”.

However, there was some hesitancy back when the app was originally released.

Speaking to the BBC in 2020, Juliette Jones, cat behaviour specialist at Wood Green, The Animals Charity explained the app left room for miscommunication.

Jones said: “Most cat vocalisations are actually to communicate with humans, as most owners will respond to them.”

Adding: “There may be some inaccuracies which could give owners the wrong impression about what their cats are feeling.

“This could be detrimental to the cat, the owner and their relationship - for instance, if a cat is purring it doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy and restful. A purr can also be seeking affection or indicating discomfort. In its current form, the app should only be used for entertainment.”

What are the reviews like?

The app is available to download for free on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

On the App Store they have an impressive rating of 4.5, whilst on Google Play it is 2.9.

One reviewer on Google Play who gave it three stars said: “Fun little app, but it’s not free. Won’t let you see any translations until you subscribe, and I don’t know if it’s worth $3/month.”

Whilst another on Apple’s App Store who gave it five stars said: “So I really like this app. Totally what I wanted for my three legged cute adorable cat. Love love love love LOVE!”