Commonwealth Games: Gold medalist Alex Yee disappoints girlfriend Olivia Mathias after ‘backtracking’ on alleged promise to get her a dog

Alex Yee’s girlfriend Olivia Mathias was alledgedly promised a labrador if Wales won a medal during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Triathlete Alex Yee has had a successful few days at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, having won gold in the Men’s Individual and Mixed Team Relay triathlons.

However, the sportsman, 24, from London, has left many unimpressed after reportedly backtracking on a promise to his girlfriend of six years.

Allegedly he told Olivia Mathias that he would get her a dog, if her Welsh team won a medal.

Before Alex Yee was even awarded his medal, his girlfriend shared that he had gone back on his promise.

Olivia, who helped the Welsh team take silver said: “I’m pretty sure we had a deal that if Wales got a medal we could get a puppy.

“But he’s backtracking!,” she added.

GB teammate Sophie Coldwell commented: “I was there,I think it happened.”

Despite backtracking on his promise, Alex told his girlfriend: “maybe after Paris”.

Alex Yee

Professional triathlete

Alex Yee rose to fame after his impressive appearences at Tokyo 2020

Alex Yee is a triathlete and distance runner from Lewisham in London.

At the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Alex won a silver medal in the Men’s Triathlon and Gold in the Triathlon Mixed Relay.

During the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, Yee won gold medals for both the Men’s Individual Triathlon and Mixed Team Relay Triathlon.

Age: 24

Born: 18 February 1998

Lives: Loughborough

Partner: Olivia Mathias

Wealth: $4 million

Alex Yee competed in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, after his incredible silver and gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

Alex told the BBC that this was the first time he’d been able to compete in front of his parents “in a long time” following the Covid pandemic.

Speaking after his gold medal win in the Men’s Individual Triathlon, Yee said: “this is probably my greatest achievement ever”.

Alex said his preparation on home soil helped him secure his victory, saying that he felt like he’d already run the race before.


Samuel Dickinson

Samuel Dickinson is on the GB Mixed Relay team with Alex Yee.

The triathlete is currently ranked number 58 in the world and helped secure the gold medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

Dickinson’s last gold medal win was at the 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series in Hamburg.

Sophie Coldwell

Sophie Coldwell helped lead Team GB to victory in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 in the mixed relay team.

Coldwell’s last win in a triathlon was at the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Series in Nottingham in 2019.

Sophie Coldwell has been competing since 2011, with several wins under her belt.

Alex Yee competed alongside Georgia Taylor-Brown when representing team GB at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020

Georgia Taylor-Brown

Georgia Taylor-Brown is the final member of the mixed relay team for Team GB in the triathlon at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

Taylor-Brown is Great Britain’s most successful female triathlete with 12 medals over the course of her career.

Georgia Taylor-Brown also helped lead Team GB to victory in the mixed triathlon relay at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.