Anneka Rice says she nearly killed her father ‘out of love’ during his heartbreaking battle with Alzheimer’s disease

Speaking on her Radio 4 programme ‘Anneka’s got issues’, Anneka Rice reflected on her father’s Alzheimer’s battle

Anneka Rice has admitted that she considered suffocating her father with a pillow “out of love”, after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2005.

The presenter, 63, from Cowbridge, explained that her father was in his nineties, when she considered murdering him “through love”.

Both of Rice’s parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later in life. She shared with listeners on her Radio 4 programme that she worries about suffering the same fate.

Anneka Rice attending the launch show of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2019

The presenter realised she had to “sit up and take notice” when her father’s condition gradually worsened.

Anneka said it was the third time the police had called her, after her father had reported that she’d been abducted by aliens that she realised what was happening.

Anneka Rice spoke openly about her experiences with Alzheimer’s, including how she moved her father in with her and how he once wandered into her room at 3am.

Anneka Rice

Television presenter

Anneka Rice attending the launch show of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2019

Anneka Rice is an English television presenter, broadcaster and journalist.

She is best known for her work on Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt, which still remains one of the broadcaster’s most highly rated programmes of all time.

Rice has continued her work in broadcasting and most recently has been involved in ‘Anneka has issues’ on Radio 4.

  • Age: 63
  • Born: October 4 1958
  • Partner: Simon Bell
  • Children: Thomas (33), Josh (32) and Sam (22)
  • Location: Isle of Wight
  • Net Worth: £1.5 million

During the almost 30 minute Radio 4 programme, Anneka Rice shared the heartache of seeing her parents suffer with dementia.

After a fall, her dad ended up in hospital with a broken hip and Rice said the busy geriatric ward “nearly finished him off.”

She reflected on wanting to end her father’s life, saying: “He was dazed and confused and it broke my heart. I’d visit every day, a three-hour round trip, and I remember vividly looking at my dad, usually so dapper, and now so broken in that hospital bed.

“And I looked and I looked, deep into my soul, and I looked at the pillow and I took one of his pillows.

“And I looked round the ward and I held the pillow up. And I wanted so much to help him on his way – as all our elderly parents say to us ‘’please don’t let me linger in pain’’.

“But when the time comes it’s almost impossible to do the deed. Murder I don’t think is naturally in our DNA.”

She finished the story by jokingly telling the audience: “this is like an episode of crime stoppers.” which gained a laugh from her live audience.


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Patrick Kielty

Patrick Kielty is an Irish comedian, television and radio personality.

Keilty regularly covers radio programming across the BBC from Radio 2 to 5Live.

The presenter has been married to media personality Cat Deeley since 2012.

Joe Swift

Joe Swift is an English garden designer, journalist and television presenter, who is best known for his work on BBC’s Gardeners World.

In 2012, Joe Swift presented The Flowerpot Gang with Anneka Rice on BBC One.

Swift has been involved with Gardeners World since 1998 and now hosts the Chelsea Flower show for the BBC.

Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton is an English professional dancer, who is a professional dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

In 2019, Clifton was paired to dance with Anneka Rice and the couple came in 14th place for the contest.

The previous year Clifton had one the show, when he danced with television presenter Stacey Dooley.