Emily Atack to open up about online sexual harassment in new BBC documentary after years of horrific abuse

The 32-year-old says she receives hundreds of unsolicited explicit and sexual messages on a daily basis.

Emily Atack will speak openly about experiencing sexual harassment from an early age in a new documentary.

Emily Atack: Sexual Harassment & Me, which is set to air on BBC, will see the star discuss how she has been the victim of sexual harassment for many years.

The 32-year-old, from Luton, will also speak to men who have sent her sexually explicit content in the past, as she seeks to understand the psychology of their behaviour.

British actress Emily Atack. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Emily Atack said: "Over the last two and a half years, I’ve been speaking out about my own personal experiences of online sexual harassment. Within that time, one thing has become clear, I’m not alone.

“With this documentary, I am hoping to find answers to the many questions I’ve been asking myself my entire life, and I hope it will go on to help thousands of others too. It’s been wonderful working with Little Gem and the BBC on a project that is so incredibly close to my heart.”

The British actress rose to fame after starring as Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the E4 comedy series The Inbetweeners.

She has previously claimed that she receives hundreds of explicit and sexual messages daily and is witness to “about ten penises I have not asked to see before breakfast.”

Earlier this year, she was forced to call the police after receiving rape threats from a stalker who had discovered where she lived.

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday, Atack revealed that there is one man who creates new accounts after being blocked.

“He’s relentless and disgusting — beyond anything you can imagine. Yet he says he’s a married man with children.

“He sends rape threats, says what he wants to do to me while his wife is in the room, and sends messages saying his children are downstairs in their playroom while he’s pleasuring himself over me.”

“These men are exposing themselves to me, doing this, in a more private way, in my direct messages, where I can’t avoid it. It feels shameful,” she added.

Emily Atack is set to open up on her experiences of sexual harassment in a new documentary. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

She says the abuse has made her question her existence and how men see her.

The star has been campaigning for awareness around online sexual harassment to protect young women and girls.

In February 2022, Atack met with MPs in Parliament to propose a bill to make cyber flashing an illegal offence.

A month later, the government made cyber flashing an official criminal offence in the UK, meaning offenders may face up to two years in prison.

Cyberflashing involves offenders sending an unsolicited sexual image to people via social media or dating apps but can also be over data sharing services such as Bluetooth and Airdrop.