Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson reveals she has suspected Asherman’s syndrome in health update

Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson has been suffering with her health since giving birth to her son last year

Former Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has revealed she has suspected Asherman’s syndrome.

The rare condition sees scar tissue, also called adhesions or intrauterine adhesions, build up inside your uterus.

The 32-year-old from South Kensington, London, has been struggling with her mental and physical health following the birth of her son Leo-Hunter.

The MIC alumni nearly died twice during labour and has been admitted to the hospital multiple times in the last few months due to the complications suffered during the birth.

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson shares teary video revealing PTSD took away her sight and ability to talk (Credit @louise.thompson Instagram)

The reality star recently took to Instagram to update her followers on her condition, saying that her “cramping has started to get pretty bad.”

She said: “Off to my 10000000x medical appointment this year dressed as a worm.

“Going to go and have a scan of my pelvis. First one in about three months.”

Thompson was forced to visit a private doctor for a scan on her pelvis because her last ultrasound was “inconclusive”, and she could be waiting months for an NHS follow-up appointment.

“The NHS are saying I’ll have to wait months longer for a follow-up appointment, so I’m going private,” Louise said.

Louise Thompson attends the Cafe Nespresso Soho Launch Party at Cafe Nespresso in London. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

She continued: “Bit of a joke really when I still don’t have any answers as to what’s going on in that region and the last ultrasound was ‘inconclusive’ and the guy joked that it looked like there was something white and shiny in there.

“My cramping has started to get pretty bad and I still haven’t had a menstrual cycle 10 months sooooo.”

Following her trip to the world-leading private hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, Louise discovered the cause of her mystery health problems.

She wrote: “Just had my appointment with the kindest and most trustworthy obs/gyne... it’s likely that I have adhesions inside my uterus causing something called Asherman’s Syndrome.

“A hysteroscopy would offer a better look inside the cavity than an ultrasound but because I might need to start thinking immunosuppressants, having non-essential surgery isn’t really an option.

“The main impacts of Asherman’s are painful cramping and fertility problems.”

Earlier in the day, Thompson said that she had been given an “investigation report” of her ill-health but was “afraid” to read it.

Louise recently opened up to her fans about receiving therapy and taking medication after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and perinatal anxiety.

She has developed severe health issues since her son’s birth last year and has been “on the edge” since changing the dosage of her prescribed medication.

She told her followers that she longs to feel “normal”, instead of feeling as though she’s “losing hope and losing days”.