Maya Jama and fiancé NBA star Ben Simmons split due to ‘nonstop careers’ just eight months after getting engaged

The presenter and basketball player struggled with their long distance relationship and busy careers

Maya Jama and Ben Simmons have reportedly split following an eight month engagement.

The British presenter, 28, and the Australian athlete, 26, called it quits after they struggled with their busy schedules as well as their long-distance relationship.

A source told NY Post that the split was “one of the hardest decisions of their lives.”

They said: “While they both care for each other so much, they truly gave it their all and realise that they just come from two different worlds.

Ben Simmons is an NBA star who is in a relationship with Maya Jama (Pic:Getty)

“It’s been a difficult time for them…they now understand they don’t have the time they thought to dedicate to this relationship.”

Maya is based in London and is tipped to be the next presenter for Love Island, while Ben works in Brooklyn as he plays for the NBA team Brooklyn Nets.

“After many long nights and hours of heartfelt talks, they finally realised as much as they love each other, their nonstop careers and endless travel have made it incredibly impossible to make it work,” the insider added.

Ben proposed to the radio DJ last Christmas whilst she spent the holiday season at his £3.7 million New Jersey home.

Although their 15-month relationship is coming to an end, it is understood that the pair want to stay in each other’s lives as “that there is a lot of love between them.”

Maya and Ben still “have a lot of love” for each other despite split (Pic:Getty)
Maya Jama is the next favourite to host Love Island. The television presenter and DJ is known for hosting ITV's Walk The Line, BBC Three's Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star and was a DJ on BBC Radio 1.

The split comes weeks after the couple denied initial rumours that they had broken up while Maya was celebrating her birthday on 14 August, amid claims the presenter wanted to focus on her career.

The NBA star posted a black and white throwback picture of the two to quash the rumours, while Maya denied the reports on Twitter a day after the story was released.

Maya said: “Stop believing sources in papers [please].”

Ben and Maya were first linked together in June 2021, when they were seen at London Mayfair’s Sexy Fish restaurant and have kept the majority of their relationship out of the public eye.

However, they were seen kissing at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships the following month and Maya was sporting the £600,000 engagement ring at the GRM gala on 1 August.

Ben Simmons and Maya Jama were seen in public at Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Pic:Getty)

Despite this, The Sun reported that the couple decided to split after things became tricky last month.

A source said: “Maya called [the engagement] off after things came to head…Maya is not going back to New York now, it’s heartbreaking for the both of them, especially as they were so committed to each other.

“They’re both young and want to focus on their careers. Maya has a bright future ahead of her with jobs coming in from all over the world and is feeling positive.

“She has been hitting the gym a lot and spending time with her good friends,” they added.