Peter Andre claims he was branded a ‘terrorist’ and struggled to get a taxi while wearing his hood up in London

The singer was shocked when he was compared to ‘a terrorist’ after stepping out of a train station with a backpack and hoodie

Peter Andre has claimed that a passerby made an offensive comment about his appearance after stepping out of a train station in London.

The singer, 49, who is best known for pop hits such as ‘Mysterious Girl’ and ‘Flava’, recounted the moment he was branded a “terroist” in his magazine column for New!.

He explained that no taxi would stop for him as he stood carrying a backpack with his hood up.

Peter said he was ‘shocked’ about the comments he received whilst in London.

Peter, who is of Greek descent, warned that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

He said: “Eventually one guy stopped and said to me, ‘just a word of advice, don’t have your hood up and a backpack on, you look like a terrorist.’

“He actually said those words -  I couldn’t believe it and I felt really offended.

“Maybe it didn’t happen because of my race, but it was because of my appearance.”

MAY 23: Peter Andre and his wife Emily Macdonagh during the annual Not Forgotten Association Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on May 23, 2016

Peter went on to detail in his column that he is unprepared to celebrate his partner Emily Macdonagh’s 33rd birthday.

The singer, who grew up in Australia, is currently on a summer break to celebrate her big day.

He admitted that he hasn’t sorted out her presents or planned anything special yet, while claiming that she’s equally satisfied with a plant pot or a car.

The couple, who met in 2012, have been married for seven years.

Peter has been sharing snaps of their holiday with his almost 2million Instagram followers.

A shirtless photo of himself has garnered quite a bit of positive attention.

One fan wrote: “Oh hello hot stuff!”

And another said: “Looking very handsome Peter, hope you’re having a great time.”