Boxing fans accuse KSI’s boxing opponent Ivan Nikolov of having a ‘white power’ tattoo on his stomach

YouTube star KSI is set to fight Bulgarian boxer Ivan Nikolav at London’s O2 arena on 27 August

KSI is yet to respond to social media outrage after it was revealed that his latest boxing opponent has a tattoo, which appears to say ‘white power’.

The YouTuber, 29, is set to take on two boxers in the ring at London’s O2 arena on 27 August.

He was initially supposed to fight fellow YouTube star Alex Wassabi, but the match was pulled because Alex suffered from a serious concussion.

KSI then took to social media to reveal that he has plans to fight American rapper Swarmz and Bulgarian pro boxer Ivan Nikolov.

However, KSI’s opponent Ivan Nikolov has been called out online after eagle-eyed boxing fans noticed a tattoo on his stomach saying ‘white power’.

One furious Twitter user wrote: “It turns out that KSI’s new opponent Ivan Nikolov is a racist piece of s*** which is unacceptable.”

Other images have appeared showing Ivan doing Nazi salutes at a public events with his friends.

Ivan Nikolov has responded against the claims made against him, saying that they are not related to racist beliefs or have any meaning.

“Absolutely no relevance to an outdated opinion, and simply refers to my own belief in my strength and power as an athlete” Ivan wrote on Facebook.

‘White Power’ is a strong belief by individuals who believe in white supremacy and consider themselves white nationalists and neo-nazis.

In the USA, ‘White Power’ was an extremely common phrase from the Ku Klux Klan or KKK for short.

Ivan Nikolov added: “I now understand how the tattoo can be misinterpreted, but I passionately distance myself from any other meaning it may have other than representing my force as a competitor”

KSI has yet to comment on the controversial topic, which has lead many to believe that KSI will do his talking inside the ring.

The YouTuber has had many fights in his career, including a match against YouTuber Logan Paul who he triumphed over twice.

The match with Logan was promoted as one of the biggest “internet events” in history and sold out all 21,000 tickets at the Manchester Arena.

It was watched by 2.25 million live viewers and received 119 million views on YouTube, making it one of the biggest amateur boxing matches in history.

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