Rachel Bilson confronts ‘Bling Ring’ members Alexis and Gabrielle Neiers about robbing her home on podcast

Rachel Bilson spoke to members of ‘The Bling Ring’ on her Broad Ideas podcast

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Rachel Bilson shocked fans this week by inviting sisters Alexis and Gabriell Neiers onto her Broad Ideas podcast.

The two sisters were part of The Bling Ring, a group of teens that robbed celebrities including Rachel, 41, in 2009.

The Bling Ring was a group of teens that targeted celebrity homes and stole $3 million dollars worth of personal items, including clothes, designer handbags, watches, and cash.

Rachel’s house in LA, where she lives, was one of the homes that was ransacked along side the houses of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Partridge, and Orlando Bloom.

Rachel Bilson (Getty Images)Rachel Bilson (Getty Images)
Rachel Bilson (Getty Images)

Rachel found fame on the TV series The O.C. in 2004 a teen drama based in California.

At the beginning of the podcast, the actress from LA describes the traumatising events that happened when she was in her twenties: “I had super conflicting feelings about this in particular.

“And I have to let you guys know I have always stayed very distant from anything having to do with the Bling Ring and everything that went down.

”I never saw anything and I never supported the movie Sofia Coppola did. I felt like it was weird to bring so much attention to something that had such a big impact personally for me and for other people involved.”

Co-host and longtime best friend Olivia Allen provided emotional support throughout the podcast and acted as a mediator.

Alexis Neiers (Haines) (Getty Images) Alexis Neiers (Haines) (Getty Images)
Alexis Neiers (Haines) (Getty Images)

Oliva said: “You are allowed to speak your part and we can give them time to speak their part. You don’t need to go into making them comfortable because the truth of the matter is the situation wasn’t comfortable.”

The Bling Ring, nicknamed by the media, was the focus of a Vanity Fair feature titled The Suspects wore Louboutins written by author Nancy Jo Sales.

The article was turned into a film called the Bling Ring starring Emma Watson and directed by Sophia Coppola.

Now there is a new doc-series on Netflix that speaks to Alexis Niers and Nick Prugo from the group.

Other members of The Bling Ring included Rachel Rachel Lee, Courtney Ames, and Diana Tamayo but these did not take part.

The group entered her home five times. The actress says in the podcast that her home was full of designer items that she had brought with her own money and some that had been gifted.

Rachel Bilson (Getty Images) Rachel Bilson (Getty Images)
Rachel Bilson (Getty Images)

Rachel states that her mother’s engagement ring was stolen and she has had to “learn the lesson to detach from material possessions, right because every material possession of mine was taken”.

None of her items were recovered and she never got any of her items back.

Alexis Neiers, 31, was seen as the face of The Bling Ring as she and her sisters were filming a reality series called Pretty Wild at the time of the arrests.

In the podcast, she says that she feels she was young and pretty so that’s what sold the story. Alexis also states that she was not wearing Louboutins to the trial.

Alexis served 32 days in county jail and one year in a residential rehabilitation centre.

Nick Prugo on trial for The bling Ring robberies  (Getty Images) Nick Prugo on trial for The bling Ring robberies  (Getty Images)
Nick Prugo on trial for The bling Ring robberies (Getty Images)

Alexis said: “Our intention with doing the documentary was so that we could give this to you. We were so excited for the truth to finally … to own it all. “This isn’t tears from me, it’s tears because I know how hard this is for her because I had to go through it but we’re separate victims and I made it out on the other side of that.”

Younger sister Gabriella Neiers, 30, spoke openly about the events and what role she played. She wanted to come forward after the Netflix documentary as her confession was cut from the series.

At the time she was linked to the robberies but was never charged. She is now admitting that she was there and stole “jeans” from Rachel’s home.

Gabriella:  “I am so sorry that I ever made the choice to go into your home that night. I will tell you anything and everything you want to know to give you the closure that you deserve and I am so sorry.

Cast of The Bling Ring movie (Getty images) Cast of The Bling Ring movie (Getty images)
Cast of The Bling Ring movie (Getty images)

“I wish I could take it back, it’s been a living nightmare for you for the past 10 years, 11 years and as a mother now all you want to do is protect your babies and I know I stripped you from feeling safe in your home and I am so sorry. I am so sorry.”

Rachel confirmed that she moved out of that house very quickly.

In the podcast, the sisters discuss the difficult past that led them to heavy drinking and drugs in their teenage years. The pair have since turned their lives around and now help people with addiction.

Rachel said: “It’s important to move forward in life, and forgiveness to a certain degree is always the best way and the best move because why hold onto those things that make you feel really s***y”.

Broad Ideas podcast -  the full episode is available to listen to now.