Doja Cat debuts It’s Giving fashion brand with prices from just £5 - but fans accuse her of ‘copying’ Dunkin Donuts

Doja Cat is being accused of stealing her clothing line designs by social media and musical artist Rolling Ray.

Doja Cat has been accused of “copying” Dunkin' Donuts' branding, by people who’ve compared items from her new clothing line to the coffee company’s bright colours and fonts.

The rapper, 26, from California, took to social media last week to announce that she would be releasing a new clothing line called ‘It’s Giving’.

The collection comes after her successful collaboration with UK-fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing in 2020.

Doja said: “This was my first time curating for a fashion brand, period! I love PrettyLittleThing and can’t wait for all my fans to see it and wear it. Wait until you see what’s next!”

However, her new clothing line has received a mixed response with critics taking to Twitter to compare the designs to other people’s work.

Doja’s fashion collection features crop tops, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, hats, socks, underwear, bags and stickers.

Prices can range from £5 for an ‘It’s Giving’ sticker to £61 for an ‘It’s Giving’ logo hoodie.

Musician Rolling Ray vented on Twitter before deleting his tweet, believing that Doja had stolen his work and failed to credit him.

"This b**** said let me steal from this handicap black & copy righted my saying uh whole year ago. Lord I’m tired of fighting,” Rolling Ray wrote.

Rolling Ray is often credited for coining the phrase “It’s Giving”. He would use it a lot in his Twitter videos when discussing drama related issues, such as his iconic Popeyes chicken sandwich video.

“Doja. baby. I love you but please give @DMVMOSTFAMOUS his credit” one supporter wrote..

Doja Tweeted back at Ray’s comment saying: “check dm”

Later that day, Ray tweeted “Purr Now this giving what’s supposed to be gave" as he confirmed that the two had solved the conflict between each other.

However, it seems like Doja can’t escape the controversy as users on Twitter have been voicing the similarities between Doja’s designs and American doughnut chain Dunkin’ Donuts’ branding.

Both share basic colour designs that stand out and bubbly fonts that make it hard to differentiate the two.

“wow a double theft Dunkin’ Donuts and rolling ray, ” one Twitter user wrote.

“if this isn’t a Dunkin collab ur designer needs to be fired because......” another person commented.

A third said: “I thought this was a dunkin donuts ad It’s definitely giving, tacky and unoriginal- It’s giving impersonal, it’s giving lazy, it’s giving late stage capitalist hellscape, it’s giving done before and somehow still done poorly”

Doja hasn’t publicly responded to the claims.