Rebecca Ferguson vents about ‘irrelevant people’ - as former X Factor contestants make ‘bullying’ allegations against Simon Cowell’s record label

The former X Factor contestant went on a Twitter tirade as she tweeted about making the music industry safer

Rebecca Ferguson has launched a heated tirade on social media, just days after six other former contestants of X Factor accused Simon Cowell’s record label SyCo of bullying.

The singer, 36, from Liverpool, who came second in the 2010 series of the show, lashed on Twitter, telling her followers that she would not be “suing anybody.”

“He is an irrelevant person who is clinging on to the good old days,” she said.

Former XFactor judge Simon Cowell is facing bullying allegations.

It’s been reported that five solo acts and one group have approached a law firm and intend to sue Simon Cowell’s label.

The six acts have made allegations that SyCo were responsible for “bullying, mistreatment and neglect”, after appearing on the ITV talent show.

During her tweets on Sunday evening (August 28), Rebecca Ferguson hushed rumours that she was also suing the record label, insisting that she was not one of the six acts coming forward.

Rebecca Ferguson rose to fame on the 2010 series of The X Factor

The tweets appear to reference English television personality Simon Cowell, without directly naming him and the ITV talent show.

She wrote: “I’m not suing anybody! I’ve spent two years speaking, attending meetings and discussing with the Government and MP’s on how we can make the music industry safer!

“I’m working with the Ivors academy and ECSA in Europe to give my voice on issues of injustice in music.

“Whilst doing this I have three children to raise! I don’t have time or energy to focus on irrelevant people and their no longer relevant shows!

“As my mum would say let go and let God! I’m focused on creating structures and systems that will ensure that people in music are treated with dignity and humanity!

“He is an irrelevant person who is clinging on to the good old days the good old days where in 2010 and they’ve had nothing but bad luck since! Because when you mess with pure hearted blessed people!

“Things go wrong! You get what you put into the universe!

That is all”

A series of tweets from Ferguson showed her veiled opinions of Simon Cowell and SyCo

After finishing her initial tirade supposedly aimed at Simon Cowell and the SyCo label, Ferguson added a few final tweets to compile her thoughts.

The singer said: “Everything I went through was supposed to happen! Because I went through that the music industry now has an Independent Standards Authority!

“I’m not bitter or sad about my past it’s all lessons! What they thought was going to harm me actually helped thousands of people!

“That’s called ‘beauty for ashes’ turning what people meant for your harm into something beautiful!

“And I wrote I Hope about forgiving them after the torture they all put me through and they blocked my album!

“But it was trending on TikTok last week and I was TikToks artist of the week I don’t say this to boast I say this to inspire anybody who has ever been bullied!”

Rebecca Ferguson finished her thread, saying: “They don’t win in the end! Good conquers always just have faith! No matter what they do to try and ruin you! Good people always win in the end! “