Jeffrey Dahmer: Anthony ‘Tony’ Hughes death explained, did deaf victim know serial killer before his death?

Anthony ‘Tony’ Hughes was Jeffrey Dahmer’s 12th victim and was a mute and deaf black man

Viewers of Netflix’s new series ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ have been left curious to discover the true story behind the serial killer’s 17 victims.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Hughes, 31, is introduced in the sixth episode of the crime series titled ‘Silenced’, after becoming the 12th person to die at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer. Evan Peters stars as Dahmer alongside Rodney Burford as Hughes to recreate their interaction which took place in 1991 before the gruesome murder.

Hughes was a mute, deaf, black man, who reportedly lost his hearing at a young age as a side effect of medication, and was also an aspiring model as seen in the Netflix biopic.

Anthony Hughes was Jeffrey Dahmer’s 12th victim (Pic:Twitter/IvCohen)

The plot of the episode states: “Aspiring model Tony moves to Madison and meets Jeff at a bar, beginning a relationship through handwritten notes that takes a dark turn.”

Hughes moved to Madison in Wisconsin after graduating from Wisconsin School for the Deaf in the hopes to make tracks in the fashion industry.

However, he ended up working at a clothing store due to his disability.

Hughes was part of the LGBTQ+ community, like many of Jeffrey’s victims, and met the Milwaukee Monster at a bar where they communicated by writing on a pad.

Hughes moved to Madison in Wisconsin to pursue his dream career of modelling (Pic:Getty)

The 31-year-old was last seen leaving Club 219 in Milwaukee on 24 May 1991 after agreeing to go back to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment - just seven months before the notorious killer was convicted for 15 of his crimes.

Some sources have suggested that Hughes and Dahmer had known each other for some time before Hughes’ murder - with some even stating that the two men had been ‘friends’ for a few years.

Hughes allegedly told his mother Shirley that he had made a friend called Jeffrey after moving to Madison, and told her he would be staying with family overnight on the date of his disappearance.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamous aviator glasses are up for sale (Pic:Getty)

As a result of only knowing his first name, Shirley was unable to track Dahmer, but spoke to the Associated Press following her son’s disappearance.

Shirley said: “[Tony] was outgoing, jolly, happy. He could easily make friends. I just prayed and asked the Lord to show me where my son was. I just wanted to know if he was dead or alive. The way he died, it hurts. Words can’t describe it.”

List of some of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims (Pic:Getty)

Hughes reportedly passed out from his drink being spiked with drugs upon returning to Dahmer’s apartment, before his body was dismembered.

Most of Dahmer’s victims, including Hughes, were young, ethnic minority men who were also a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Dahmer had previously lured victims from gay bars with the promise of sex or sexual favours.

Hughes’ family reportedly sat through several of the hearings at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial in February 1992, but have since kept away from the public eye.