Victoria Fritz: who is BBC Breakfast presenter, has she replaced Sally Nugent on morning TV show - reaction

The presenter called herself the ‘luckiest woman alive’ as she stood in for Sally Nugent on the red sofa

Victoria Fritz has surprised BBC Breakfast viewers by presenting the popular morning show alongside Ben Thompson.

The pair are filling in for regular hosts Sally Nugent and newly appointed host Jon Kay who appear to be on holiday.

The presenter called herself the “luckiest woman alive” as she stood in for Nugent on the red sofa.

Fritz, who is a morning news presenter for BBC Global News, has occasionally featured on BBC Breakfast to share the latest updates on business.

Nugent presented the programme on Monday (1 August) and Tuesday (2 August), but is expected to be on holiday, along with Kay, who has been off all week.

Here’s everything you need to know about who Victoria Fritz is and how long she’ll be presenting BBC Breakfast.

Victoria Fritz will be on the big red sofa this week, standing in for Sally Nugent (Pic: BBC)

Who is Victoria Fritz?

Victoria Fritz is a business correspondent and presenter who works for the BBC.

She hosts BBC’s morning global news programmes on BBC One, BBC News and BBC World News.

The 38-year-old studied at the University of Cambridge and began her career in journalism working at Reuters in 2008.

Fritz married her husband Dan in 2011, who is a writer and a barrister.

The pair have one child together, a son who was born in 2016.

Fritz gave birth three weeks before her due date after going into labour following a live broadcast.

Her husband was stuck in traffic, with Nugent having to accompany her to the hospital.

A BBC spokesperson at the time said: “When Sally heard that she’d gone into labour she offered to be there until Victoria’s husband got there. But her husband never arrived so she found herself at the birth.”

Why is she presenting BBC Breakfast?

Fritz is stepping in to cover for BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent.

It’s the first time that the BBC Global News host has presented on the red sofa, but she has previously featured on BBC Breakfast to give updates on the latest business news.

Nugent, who presented the show on Monday (1 August) and Tuesday (2 August), is expected to be off on holiday, along with newly appointed host Jon Kay who has not been on BBC Breakfast this week.

What has she said?

Fritz took to Twitter to announce that she would be presenting on BBC Breakfast on 2 August.

In a tweet which featured a picture alongside her colleagues she said: “Ssshh… whisper it…. But the stars have aligned… this may well be your line-up for tomorrow morning on @BBCBreakfast…”

Adding: “Luckiest woman alive?”

The presenter again teased fans by giving a “behind the scenes” update to her Twitter followers.

Her tweet said: “Behind the scenes on @BBCBreakfast. Featuring shoes… toast… and the delectable @BBCBenThompson. Go put the kettle on & come join us.”

A video was included giving a glimpse of what the host was looking at from the red sofa, which included her laptop and a cup of coffee

After appearing on the show Fritz shared a picture on Twitter of her along with her colleagues Thompson and Ben Boulos.

The caption read: “If Carlsberg did colleagues” along with heart emojis.

How have fans reacted?

Fans have reacted positively to Fritz filling in for Nugent this week.

One replied to her Twitter post: “I thought you did a terrific job this morning and I also thought that your pairing with those adorable boys worked so well too. More gigs for this gang please Beeb.”

Whilst another said: “I thought you guys were a breath of fresh air this morning … hopefully the sign of things to come.”