Vogue Williams argues ‘awful’ man was ‘being an absolute t**’ for refusing to swap seats with her on a plane

The model had accidentally booked the wrong seat on a plane and wrongfully assumed that someone wouldn’t mind switching seats with her so she could sit with her children.

Vogue Williams has vented the frustration of a passenger on her flight refusing to swap seats, so that her family could sit together.

The model, from Ireland, who is married to Made in Chelsea TV star Spencer Matthews, explained the holiday mishap on their podcast Spencer and Vogue.

Having traveled to Gibraltar with their three children, it was on the flight back to England that she was shocked by an interaction she with an “awful’’ man.

Vogue has spoken about an ‘awful’ man she encountered on a flight.

Vogue had accidentally booked the wrong seat on the plane, which meant she couldn’t sit with her three young children on the flight.

Theodore is three, Gigi is two and Otto is just four-months-old, so this was quite a problem for the mother.

She explained the situation, saying: “I was sitting in an aisle of three and I had booked the wrong seat in the other aisle and that was my mistake.

“Spenny was like ‘would you mind doing the window seat instead of the aisle so we can all be together?’ and he’s like ‘yes Spencer, I would mind.’

“We were just like, ‘oh, okay dude, that’s okay,’ and so anyway when he realised he being an absolute t**, he looked at me with a newborn baby and the two kids beside me, he was like ‘okay, fine, fine, I’ll do it.’

“Literally, the airhostesses came down and I was like, ‘have you got another aisle seat for this f**** particular piece of s*** over here?’

“He was awful.”

Spencer agreed with his wife and said that man was “rubbish.

“I feel like when people have kids, it is a nightmare on flights,” Vogue continued.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews attend the Pride Of Britain Awards 2021

“If you can in any way help them out, do.”

Vogue went on to clarify that she didn’t think her behaviour was entitled and that it was all to do with the children.

She said: “It sounds diva-ish but I don’t want to be right at the back of the plane because I’m usually carrying hand luggage, a baby and a buggy.

“I want to be at the front of the plane and I want a window, preferably a window seat so I can go to sleep with the baby in my arms or an aisle seat if there’s nothing free.”

Vogue went on to say that she would always do the same for other parents who were in a similar situation.