Who did my MP back for Tory leadership? Map of votes for Sunak, Johnson, Mordaunt in Conservative Party race

Our map shows which MPs backed which candidate in the race to be prime minister - and which ones initially backed Boris Johnson before he dropped out.

Rishi Sunak has won the race to become Tory part leader and the next UK prime minister storming ahead of rival Penny Mordaunt and securing almost 200 backers, according to tallies of public declarations.

Graham Brady, Conservative MP and and chair of the party’s 1922 committee of backbench MPs, announced shortly after 2pm today (24 October) that Sunak was the only valid candidate in the contest, and would therefore be crowned the winner. Mordaunt pulled out of the race at the last moment, despite saying earlier in the day that she was nearing the 100 backers she would need for the competition to go to a vote of Tory party members.

This was far higher than most estimates of the Portsmouth North MP’s level of support, however, with fewer than 30 MPs publicly giving her their backing. The BBC had Mordaunt on 26 backers, as did the Conservative Home website. This excluded high-profile backer George Freeman, who appeared to defect to the Sunak camp. The betting company Smarkets meanwhile had Mordaunt on 28, also excluding Freeman.

A new Conservative party leader and prime minister could be announced as soon as this afternoon. (Image: NationalWorld/Mark Hall)A new Conservative party leader and prime minister could be announced as soon as this afternoon. (Image: NationalWorld/Mark Hall)
A new Conservative party leader and prime minister could be announced as soon as this afternoon. (Image: NationalWorld/Mark Hall)

But which MPs backed Sunak and Mordaunt respectively? Our interactive map shows which candidate your MP got behind, if any. More than 50 members were also known to have publicly backed disgraced former prime minister Boris Johnson, despite him being forced out of office just weeks ago following a series of scandals.

Johnson pulled out of the race on Sunday (23 October) despite claiming he had more than 100 supporters. Many of his backers went to Sunak incuding former Home Secretary Priti Patel, with at least two going to Mordaunt. Most did not publicly declare a second preference.

You can search for your parliamentary constituency in our map below to find out who your MP has backed in the race. It will also show you whether your MP initially backed Johnson, before he announced he would not be running. Can’t see the map? Click here to open it in a new window.


The map rounds up the names collected by political journalists and analysts at the BBC, Conservative Home, and Smarkets. It will continue to be updated throughout the day on Monday (24 October) if new information comes to light in the wake of the contest.

Mordaunt’s team had insisted she would remain in the race despite Sunak’s early sizable lead, arguing she was the candidate who Labour fear the most. While Sunak has now been crowned the leader of the Conservative party leader, he must now seek persmission from King Charles to form a government before he can be declared prime minister. You can keep up to date on all the latest news on the Tory leadership race and new prime minister in our live blog.

What did Boris Johnson say when he dropped out of the race?

Boris Johnson announced he was dropping out of the race to be prime minister on Sunday evening – although he had technically not officially entered the contest. The former Conservative leader claimed he had the support of 102MPs.

The total number of MPs who had publicly come out to support him however was far lower than this, with somewhere between 50 and 60 MPs backing him. The figure varies, depending on which MPs had spoken to which news outlet either on or off the record.