UK drought 2022: where in England has drought status, map of areas with Yorkshire, is there a water shortage?

People living in drought affected areas are being asked by the Environment Agency to ‘use water wisely’

A drought has been declared in the UK, impacting nine areas across England.

Yorkshire is the latest region to enter drought status for the first time in four years.

Last week the Met Office issued a level three heat-health warning due to prolonged high temperatures.

This comes after the UK saw the hottest weather since records began in July, with temperatures soaring to 41C.

Rainfall across England is already down 26% on average.

Before the news was confirmed, water companies including Welsh Water, Southern Water, Thames Water, and South East Water were already imposing hose pipe bans in a bid to save supply.

The areas affected include the south west England, southern and central England, and the east of England.

Here’s everything you need to know about the drought and a map of the affected areas.


Where has a drought been declared in the UK?

The Environment Agency has confirmed that drought has been declared across most of England.

The affected areas include south west England, southern and central England, the east of England, and now the north of England.

Nine out of the Agency’s 14 areas have been declared to be in a drought.

The areas affected by the drought are: Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, Solent and South Downs, Kent and South London, Herts and North London, East Anglia, Thames, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and East Midlands.

The prolonged heatwave and lack of rain is said to be behind the water shortage.

The UK has experienced the hottest summer since records began, with temperatures hitting 41C in July.

Here is a map of where the drought is in the UK:

Yorkshire is the latest region to enter drought status. (Graphic: Mark Hall / National World)

What can we expect from the drought?

People who are living in drought affected areas are being asked to be “very mindful of the pressures on water resources” and to “use water wisely” by the Environment Agency .

Water companies have enacted hose pipe bans in a bid to help prevent further water wastage.

An aerial view of Woodhead reservoir in Glossop, England (Pic: Getty Images)

The Environment Agency explained that the drought will not automatically trigger action.

This will be left up to individual water companies, who will have their own drought measures, which could include things such as hose pipe bans.

There are no talks yet of introducing the water rationing that was last seen during the 1976 drought.

During that drought, mains water supplies were turned off in the affected areas, with residents having to rely on standpipes for their water supply.

Water saving campaigns during that time encouraged people to “save water, bath with a friend.”

It’s unlikely these slogans will be making a comeback in 2022.

What has the government said?

The Waters Minister Steve Double has addressed the drought in a statement.

He said: “We are currently experiencing a second heatwave after what was the driest July on record for parts of the country.

“Action is already being taken by the government and other partners including the Environment Agency to manage the impacts.“All water companies have reassured us that essential supplies are still safe, and we have made it clear it is their duty to maintain those supplies.

“We are better prepared than ever before for periods of dry weather, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation, including impacts on farmers and the environment, and take further action as needed.”