Was a Faberge egg found on a Russian yacht? Reported $300m price explained, why are they valuable, who owns it

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said it was one of the most ‘interesting’ discoveries the task force had uncovered

A priceless Faberge egg has been found onboard a Russian oligarch’s superyacht after it was seized by US authorities.

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, the US has been seizing billions of dollars worth of sanctioned Russian assets.

Dubbed the “KleptoCapture” initiative, there is even a dedicated task force called Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs (EPO).

If the jewelled egg is authentic, it may be one of only 50 that were ever made, giving it a hefty price tag.

Here’s everything you need to know about how much the Faberge egg was worth and why it’s so valuable.

Was a Faberge egg found on a Russian superyacht?

A priceless Faberge egg has been found on a Russian oligarch’s superyacht.

A priceless Faberge egg has been discovered on a Russian oligarch’s superyacht (Pic: Getty Images)

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told the Aspen security forum about the unusual find on 20 July.

Monaco explained it was one of the most “interesting” discoveries the task force EPO had unearthed.

Addressing the forum the attorney general said: “Let’s get to the juicy stuff: the yachts.

“We’ve been finding some really interesting things … we recovered a Fabergé – or alleged Fabergé egg – on one of these [yachts] so it just gets more and more interesting.”

She added: “We’re working with our law enforcement counterparts around the world to conduct searches on these yachts to make sure we have the authority and can go to a court, seize them and then forfeit the proceeds.”

How much was it?

The estimated value of the Faberge egg has not been confirmed, however the superyacht it was discovered on had a $300 million price tag.

However, the egg has not been officially authenticated, so its price would depend on whether or not it is the real deal.

Why are Faberge eggs valuable?

Faberge eggs are so valuable due to their rarity and the expensive jewels that go into their creation.

A Christie’s employee holds up a Faberge enamel and two colour gold egg (Pic: Getty Images)

Made by Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge, they were commissioned in 1885 by Tsar Alexander III as a gift to his wife, Maria.

The gifting of these intricate eggs became a Romanov tradition, with the imperial family having eggs created for members of the family at times of celebration.

Only 50 eggs were ever created by Faberge and due to the unrest that followed after the Russian revolution, not many of these luxurious works of art survived.

When the imperial family were imprisoned, their riches were confiscated by the government, either being lost or destroyed.

The true number of how many Faberge eggs are still in circulation remains unknown, making them a lucrative luxury item for wealthy Russian oligarchs.

Who owns the Faberge egg found on a Russian yacht?

The name of the Russian oligarch who owns the superyacht has not been disclosed.

Monaco said the yacht was currently docked in San Diego and had come from Fiji.

In June 2022, a $300 million superyacht named the Amadea was sailed by US officials from Fiji to San Diego, so there is speculation that this is the yacht in question, however, its owner has not been named.

The confiscated superyacht and its valuable contents has been seized by the US government.

Speaking to the forum, Monaco expressed her support that the profits of the assets should go towards Ukraine and that the request for this to happen had been put forward to Congress.