Best boxed mattress deals: World Sleep Day 2022 discounts on Simba, Emma and Eve mattresses

After a new mattress? Boxed mattresses are cheap, comfortable, delivered to your door - and there are some great deals to be nabbed for World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day 2022 discounts on Simba, Emma and Eve mattressesWorld Sleep Day 2022 discounts on Simba, Emma and Eve mattresses
World Sleep Day 2022 discounts on Simba, Emma and Eve mattresses

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We all know how important a decent mattress is for getting a good night’s sleep.

And we all know how difficult it is to purchase one at a reasonable price. So World Sleep Day offers a prime opportunity to nab a great boxed mattress for a decent price, as prime brands cut their prices in honour of the day set aside for celebrating a decent kip.

Boxed mattresses have been growing in popularity, selling like hotcakes in recent years, and for good reason. They offer an easy alternative for those wanting to skip the tedium of in-store mattress shopping, are ever-so-convenient to order, delivered quickly - and of comparable quality to traditional mattresses while generally costing less.

What consumer protection is there when buying a boxed mattress?

Worried about buying a mattress without trialling it first? Each of the below options come with a significant ‘money back guarantee’ trial period - in most cases, at least 200 nights - so you will not be stuck with a lumpy mattress if you purchase now.

What is the difference between a foam or hybrid mattress?

There are two main types of boxed mattresses - all foam, or a foam-spring hybrid. Each kind has its benefits.

Full foam mattresses tend to be the warmest, offer hypo-allergenic properties and mould easily to your body shape. These are mattresses you really can sink into.

Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, are more breathable, more durable and tend to be the most supportive. These mattresses are best for anyone who suffers from skeletal or bodily pain.

What is World Sleep Day, and when is it?

World Sleep Day is an annual event, created the World Sleep Society, a US non-profit organisation, as a ‘celebration of sleep.’

WSS also notes the day is designed to call attention to sleep health, raising awareness on how sleep can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

World Sleep Day is held on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox each year, which in 2022 falls on Friday 18 March.

Which boxed mattresses are for sale for World Sleep Day?

For ease of comparison, all the prices we’ve included below are for double mattresses but the different sizes available are included in each description.

How long will the World Sleep Day mattress sales last?

The length of the World Sleep Day sale depends on the individual brand.

The Simba World Sleep Day sale is live now and will run until 11.59pm on Friday 18 March, with discounts of up to 40% available.

The Emma World Sleep Day sale is live now, with discounts of up to 50% available. It’s not clear how long the discounts will last for.

The Eve World Sleep Day sale is live now and will run until 9am on Thursday 24 March, with discounts of up to 45% available.

Sizes available: single, double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 28cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

Simba’s Hybrid Pro mattress is supremely comfy.

You can get 35% off the RRP of this mattress at the moment, making this one of the best prices we’ve seen for it.

From our review

“It features a combo of foam and Titanium Aerocoil Spring-Comfort layers which, although makes for quite a heavy mattress, provides enhanced airflow and that hug feeling you get from a good quality mattress. Plus, a 100% natural wool top layer aids with temperature regulation, though if you run hot it might still be a little on the warm side.

The Hybrid Pro has a firm feel about it, and there’s absolutely no motion transfer, so you can snooze soundly even if your partner moves a lot during the night.

Its biggest downfall, we think, is the strong, chemical smell it emits upon first opening.

This is fairly normal for a foam mattress, but we found the odour of the Hybrid Pro to be strong for the first two nights. It fades over time, and after a few days we found the smell to have gone.

It’s ready to use three hours after unboxing but, as with all vacuum-packed mattresses, it can take a few days to reach full expansion. Happily, Simba offers a 200-night trial, during which time you’re welcome to change your mind and return your mattress, and the Hybrid Pro comes with a 10-year guarantee, so if anything goes wrong you can have it replaced for free.”

Sizes available: single, double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 31 cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

From our review

“This is Simba’s latest mattress, marketed as their most comfortable mattress yet - and we did find that to be true.

Right now, you can get 25% off the price of this mattress.

Where it differs from the Pro above is in depth - it’s 3 cms deeper, and airflow. What that means is that the layers within the mattress promote airflow and coolness, keeping you at a comfortable temperature regardless of whether it is a hot or cool night.

It features three tiers of 6,000 titanium Aerocoil springs, as well as a bamboo wool surface that is naturally antibacterial, breathable, moisture-absorbing, fast-drying, thermal regulating, anti-static, and wrinkle resistant.

What that translates to is a seriously comfortable night’s sleep.

The zoned system does a great job with weight distribution, leaving you well supported and avoiding roll together if you share a bed.

It does smell upon opening but this dissipates in about 24 hours. A hotel-worthy night’s sleep.”

Sizes available: single, double, small double, king

Mattress depth: 20 cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

This is Simba’s most affordable mattress, but it still provides a supreme level of comfort. It’s the best choice for you if you want a great night’s sleep but you’re on a budget.

It’s also got the largest discount available on all of the Simba mattresses too - 40% off.

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 25cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

You can get 45% off the original price.

Per our review

“Sleeping on an Emma Original Mattress is akin to (we imagine) sleeping on a marshmallow.

A firmness rating of 6-7 out of 10 makes Emma’s Original Mattress a good mid-way mattress with medium firmness suitable for most people, with a few exceptions.

Made entirely of memory foam, it’s a light mattress (just 23.4kg for a double), which makes unpacking and positioning incredibly easy – even for a person on their own.

Along with the HRX foam, which helps to isolate motion so there’s no bed-shake when someone moves in the night, there’s also a viscoelastic layer, which contours to your body, and an Airgocell foam top layer, which absorbs moisture and provides a surprisingly cool sleep for a foam mattress.

There’s also a removable and washable top cover, which is handy for keeping it clean and fresh. It’s worth noting that, because the mattress is made entirely from foam, it does have a slight smell upon opening. However, it almost entirely disappears after a few hours of airing with the windows open.

Happily, Emma Original mattresses are made in the UK, and are entirely vegan.

It generally takes 2-4 hours for the Emma Original to fully inflate, though on occasion it can take up to 48 hours to expand completely.

A 200-night trial allows you to take your time testing the mattress to be 100% certain it’s for you (it can take up to 6 weeks to fully adjust to a new mattress) and return for free if you find it unsuitable.”

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 24cm

Trial period: 1 year

Guarantee: 10 years

From out review:

“It makes the mundanity of going to bed feel like an absolute luxury - and better yet you get 35% off the recommended price right now so you really can go to bed happy.

Its three layers of foam provide medium-firm support and a pillowy feel that cradles – and contours to – your body, allowing a comfortable sleep in most positions.

There’s very little – if any – motion transfer when a co-sleeper moves, and the ever-comfort foam layer, which is said to be 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam, means you’re less likely to experience sleep-disturbing discomfort from overheating. It also has a removable and washable cover, which is a bonus.

It’s quite heavy, but handles on the base, as opposed to the sides, make it easier to manoeuvre around your home.

Like most boxed mattresses, Eve’s Original Mattress inflates straight away, but can take a few hours to expand fully.

It has a slight smell upon opening, and Eve recommends leaving it in a ventilated room for a few hours before using and running over it with a vacuum to reduce any lingering odour.

There is the option to have your old mattress removed upon delivery of the new one, plus a generous 10 year guarantee. It’s made right here in the UK, which somehow makes us rate it even more, and it comes in two colours - white and yellow and white and grey.”

Sizes available: double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 28cm

Trial period: 1 year

Guarantee: 10 years

The newest mattress from Eve, it promises to be a ‘new and improved, luxuriously luscious’ foam mattress.

It combines the ultra breathable memory foam Eve is known for with the brand’s patented float foam, which work together to provide a cool and cushy night’s sleep.

25% off the recommended price at the moment.