Best scientific calculators 2021: prepare back to school with a calculator from Amazon, Argos or Ryman

That time of year has come: start getting your child ready for back to school with the academic equipment they need to succeed

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If they are taking GCSE or A-level maths, or subjects such as trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and engineering, they will need a scientific calculator.

Scientific calculators perform the same functions as their standard electronic calculator equivalents, but they also have myriad other features available.

They are designed to help you calculate science, engineering, and mathematics problems, thanks to the extra buttons they have - they’re far more useful than the calculator feature on your child’s phone, for example, so don’t think that will suffice.

You don’t need to have the fanciest model in order to pass your class, but a well chosen scientific calculator will assist with exams.

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This calculator features a clearer display, simpler menus a faster processor, 14 additional functions and is available in multiple colours.

With a large textbook display, mathematical expressions such as roots and fractions appear as they would within a textbook making it easier to use and understand for pupils.

This is an upgraded version of the calculator which includes several new features including ratio, advanced statistics and a digit separator so this will have everything your child needs for the new mathematical challenges.

Available in black, blue, grey and pink.

Was £17.99, now £9.99

This is an advanced calculator which is allowed in every exam where a scientific calculator can be used.

With 550 functions including spreadsheet calculations for the first time on a calculator this is a must for all classes.T

his calculator is for use in the new core AS and A-Level examinations and is also deal for use when studying for GCSEs and above.

The calculator has 550 functions including a spreadsheet function that allows the user to carry out basic spreadsheet calculations for the first time on a scientific calculator.

It features solar powered with battery backup, so it’s ideal for exam environments and your children never have to worry about a battery running out when it matters the most.

Was £29.99, now £21.99

This scientific calculator is the perfect choice for those on a budget as it’s now less than £5, proving you don’t have to spend a lot to get all your school essentials sorted. With 224 functions this calculator is ideal for use in school exams and is suitable from Key stage 3 onwards.

Great value for money this Ryman scientific calculator is solar powered with a battery backup. This calculator is fun and vibrant in a bold pink colour so great for coordinating with the rest of your child’s stationery.

Was £9.99, now £4.99

This is a professional grade scientific calculator with 240 scientific functions.

It easily handles one and two variable statistical calculations, three angle modes, and scientific/engineering notation modes so it can tackle anything your child may need to work out.

It has a 12-digit widescreen HD display and the two-line display shows inputs and results at the same time.

This is an advanced scientific calculator with two-line display, 240 functions, a large screen and a replay function.

It’s ideal for professional and student use in mathematics, science, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, engineering, chemistry and physics.

All steps are clearly stated in the user manual too.

Powered by two AAA batteries (included)

This scientific calculator has been especially designed for GCSE and university students.

It features 240 functions and a two line display.

You will be randomly sent one of four colours; black, blue, pink and green. It’s an ideal product for students who want a colourful but cheap addition to their school equipment.

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