Great South Run 2022: what is the route, where does it start, Portsmouth start time, waves times and events

Great South Run is returning to Portsmouth this weekend and the route has been confirmed for 2022

Tens of thousands of runners will be heading to Portsmouth to take part in the Great South Run this year.

The popular 10-mile run and other events will take place on the south coast over the coming weekend. Elite runners as well as amateurs will take to the roads of the city in a bid to complete the course in the best possible time.

It is the 32nd time the Great South Run has been held. Since starting in 1990, the event has become one of the most popular runs of its kind in Europe.

If you are heading to Portsmouth to take part in the run, or to support someone who is participating, here is all you need to know:

What is the route of the Great South Run in 2022?

The ten mile run has been held in Portsmouth since 1991 and the route will be familiar to anyone who has taken part in the event before. The Great Run company has announced the course for the 10 mile run in 2022.

The Great South Run will once again start along the seafront in Southsea. It will finish near Southsea Castle, as has been the case for many years.

Runners will pass many of the iconic landmarks in Portsmouth during the 10 mile route. Including Clarence Pier, Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth city centre, Canoe Lake, Eastney Esplanade.

Great South Run route for 2019

When is the Great South Run?

The Great South Run will take place between Saturday (15 October) and Sunday (16 October). Events will take place across both days, including junior and mini runs as well as the main event.

The headline event, the 10-mile Great South Run, will take place on 16 October. Elite runners as well as amateurs will take part in the road run on the south coast.

If you are taking part in the 5k run or the junior and mini run they are scheduled to take place on 15 October. The 5k run is scheduled for Saturday morning and the youth event is due to start in the afternoon.

Several roads will be closed over the Great South Run weekend.

Where does the Great South Run start?

The 10-mile Great South Run will start near Southsea Castle, there is an area to gather to warm up and stretch prior to starting the course.

What time does the Great South Run start?

The run is split into different waves, with runners being assigned a group depending on how long they expect to take to complete the course. The waves are: orange, green and pink, as well as the elite groups.

The start times for 10-mile Great South Run on 16 October have been announced for 2022:

  • 7am - information point, toilets, car park open
  • 7.30am - baggage opens
  • 10.15am - Elite female start
  • 10.19am - Start of the wave for ‘fast’ self-propelled wheelchairs and visually impaired runners
  • 10.35am - Elite male, fast paced runners and orange wave start
  • 10.56am - start of green wave
  • 11.17am - start of pink wave

The timetable for events on 15 October have also been announced and are as follows:

5k Run

  • 8am - event site and information point open
  • 8.30am - baggage opens
  • 9.50am - Great South 5k warm up
  • 10am - Great South 5k start

Junior & Mini Run

  • 12pm - Great South Mini Run wave 1 (green) starts
  • 12.30pm - Great South Mini Run wave 2 (pink) starts
  • 12.58pm - Great South Junior and Mini wheelchair starts (white wave)
  • 1pm - Great South Junior Run (girls 9-11 blue) starts
  • 1pm - Great South Junior Run (girls 12-15 red) starts
  • 1.45pm - Great South Junior Run (boys 9-11 blue) starts
  • 1.45pm - 1pm - Great South Junior Run (boys 12-15 red) starts
  • 3pm - event site closes