US Midterm elections 2022: what are the key states to look out for including Arizona - why are they important?

The race is too close to call in some states during the Midterm elections - here’s some of the most important states to keep an eye out for

While the US Midterm elections don’t make any impact on the President’s position, they will be able to make an impact on the the makeup of government.

Voters will be choosing new Governors, Senators, and Congressmen and women. In some state, the margin between the Republican and Democratic candidates is razor thin, with the results potentially having a huge impact on the outcome of the election.

If the Democrats are able to keep contol of the House and Senate, Joe Biden’s remaining time in power should be somewhat easier. If the Republicans take one or both chambers, Biden’s next two years becomes a bit more complicated.

NationalWorld has taken a look at some of the key races to keep an eye on. Here’s the states which could have a massive impact on the outcome of the Midterms.


2020 Presidential election result: Democrat - Joe Biden

What’s being voted on: Governor, one Senate seat, nine House of Representative seats

Why it’s a key state: Arizona is one that followers of US politics will be keeping a close eye on. Biden was able to flip the state in 2020 for the first time since Bill Clinton in 1996, so the state is historically Republican.

The Senate race in Arizona is one which is tipped to determine which party will have the upper hand in the chamber. Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly is hoping to retain his seat but faces stiff opposition from Republican nominee Blake Masters. Recent polling suggests that the race between the two is currently too close to call, with only a few polling points placing Kelly in front.

Masters has been backed by Trump in his fight for the Senate, with the former president also backing Governor candidate Kari Lake. Both Masters and Lake have touted election denier rhetoric, stating their scepticism over Biden’s legitimate presidential win.


2020 Presidential election result: Democrat - Joe Biden

What’s being voted on:

Why it’s a key state: This historically Republican state was flipped by Joe Biden in the 2020 election, with only two prior Democratic candidates taking the state in the presidential election - Bill Clinton in 1992, and Jimmy Carter in 1977. While Biden was able to flip the state, the race in Georgia in 2020 was incredibly close, with the eventual President piping Trump to the post.

Democratic Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won seats in the 2020 election which helped to flip the chamber to the Democrats control. Warnock will be facing Republican candidate and former American footballer Herschel Walker.

Senator Raphael Warnock is facing a close race in Georgia. (Credit: Getty Images)

Walker is a controversial figure, having been involved in a number of scandals, but still retains a strong Republican support. With the presidential race so tight in 2020, attention will be on Georgia for the important Senate seat.

The Governor race is another interesting one in Georgia. Republican Brian Kemp is hoping to retain his seat in the Senate, but comes up against an old foe in Stacey Abrams. The two previously ran against each other for the seat in 2018, with Kemp narrowly beating Abrams by 55,000 votes.

Kemp also broke the mould by denouncing Trump’s election fraud narrative, a fact which endeared him to many floating voters. The race is once again tight, and if Abrams is able to beat her Republican counterpart, she would become the first black female Governor in US history.


2020 Presidential election result: Democrat - Joe Biden

What’s being voted on: Governor, 13 House of Representatives seats

Why it’s a key state: Michigan was another closely-fought state during the 2020 election - Biden won the state by only 155,000 votes. It has historically been a Democratic state, however the close race at the last presidential election showed that the state was becoming more split.

Republican Tudor Dixon has won Trump’s endorsement and is facing Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the race. However, most notably, voters will be directly balloted on abortion rights.

Gretchen Whitmer has campaign heavily on abortion rights, which will also be balloted during the Michigan midterms. (Credit: Getty Images)

Voters will be asked directly if abortion right should be enshrined in the state constitution following the overturning of Roe v Wade earlier this year. The Democrats have been campaigning on key issues relating to women’s healthcare and abortion, with the party hoping that the increased pressure on the topic will appeal to Michigan voters and result in not only a passing of the the abortion measure, but picking up votes in Congress positions.


2020 Presidential election result: Democrat - Joe Biden

What’s being voted on: Governor, one Senate seat, four House of Representative seats

Why it’s a key state: Nevada has remained a Democratic state since Barack Obama’s election in 2008. However, over this time, the party’s majority over the Republicans has shrunk.

The Senate race between Democrat incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto and GOP candidate Adam Laxalt remains tight, with the seat able to go either way. Laxalt might find gains in the more rural areas of the state, while Las Vegas remains Democratic and often has an important impact on the state’s results.

Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak faces a tough race against his Republican counterpart. (Credit: Getty Images)

Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak also faces a race against Republican Joe Lombardo. Lombardo is currently the sheriff of Clark County, the state’s biggest county, and the seat is currently also too close to call.


2020 Presidential election result: Democrat - Joe Biden

What’s being voted on: Governor, one Senate seat, eight House of Representative seats

Why it’s a key state: Wisconsin has deep routes as a Democratic state. This was changed in the 2016 election, when Trump sensationally took the state - a feat narrowly overturned by Joe Biden in 2020.

Wisconsin is one of the most divided states politically in America. With a mix of Republicans and Democrats serving in positions such as Senator and Governor, the race in both will be closely fought.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson faces a race from Democratic nominee Mandela Burns. Much like Arizona, the way Wisconsin votes in the Senate election could have a massive impact on either party’s claim to control the chamber.

Governor Tony Evers faces the Trump-backed Republican challenger Tim Michels. The race is a tossup between the two.