Good Luck to You, Leo Grande: movie release date, 2022 trailer, film reviews - and cast with Emma Thompson

The uplifting comedy stars British actress Emma Thompson alongside Peaky Blinders actor Daryl McCormack

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is a sex positive comedy like no other before it.

The movie follows widowed retired teacher Nancy played by Emma Thompson as she embarks on a sexual awakening, with the help of a handsome sex worker, played by Daryl McCormack.

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Written by the hilarious Katy Brand (Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show) and directed by Sophie Hyde, it was a hit at the Sundance Festival, giving a refreshing portrayal of sex work and sexual discovery as a senior.

Reflecting on her role at the Film Festival, Thompson said: “What struck me next was the real necessity of this film. The way that we talk about pleasure or shame, I didn’t realise how thirsty I was for a story like this until it came along.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Good Luck to You, Leo Grande.

When will Good Luck To You Leo Grande be released?

Good Luck To You Leo Grande will be released in UK cinemas on 17 June.

Actress Emma Thompson and actor Daryl McCormack pose during the 72nd Berlinale International Film Festival, Berlin (Pic: Getty Images)

The movie is rated a 15, due to strong sexual references throughout.

What is it about?

The comedy follows Thompson in the role of Nancy, a widow and retired school teacher who realises she has gone her whole life without an orgasm.

With her husband now gone, she decides to have some fun and enlists the help of attractive sex worker Leo Grande played by Daryl McCormack.

But, Nancy wasn’t expecting conversation as well, and she soon starts to be intrigued by everything the young man has to say. The pair strike up an unlikely friendship and Nancy starts to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Production company Genesis Pictures describe the plot as: “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is an uplifting comedy that challenges expectations. Nancy & Leo discover an unexpected bond in this hilarious, heartwarming sex-positive tale of empowerment and self-discovery."

Is there a trailer for Good Luck To You Leo Grande?

A trailer for the movie was released on 16 May.

You can watch it below.

Who is in the cast?

The movie has a small cast, but it packs all the punches.

Bryan Mason, director Sophie Hyde, Emma Thompson, writer Katy Brand, Daryl McCormack and producer Debbie Gray attend the “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” premiere at Sundance Film Festival (Pic: Getty Images)

The lead Nancy is played by Thompson (Last Christmas, Bridget Jones’s Baby).

Writing about her role in an opinion piece for Vogue, she said: “Before making Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, I had no idea how much I would learn about my attitude to my own body, to pleasure and to shame.

“How much I would laugh about the genuine silliness of so many of our responses to sexual pleasure, and how much I would cry about what is lost in life when it is repressed, ignored and punished.”

Thompson, whose last big role was in Disney’s Cruella, will be portraying Miss Trunchbull in the upcoming new Matilda movie.

Starring alongside the actress in the role of Leo Grande is Daryl McCormack, who is most known for playing Isiah Jesus on Peaky Blinders.

A rising star in both film and television, the 29-year-old Irish actor reflected to Variety about filming intimate scenes.

McCormick said: “I remember at one point the three of us standing butt naked in the room, and Emma just went, ‘I feel we’re all being held by something bigger here. It really feels like we are meant to somehow tell this story.”

Here is the full cast list for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande:

  • Emma Thompson as Nancy Stokes
  • Daryl McCormack as Leo Grande
  • Isabella Laughland as Becky

Can you watch Good Luck to You, Leo Grande online?

You can watch the movie online in the US, with it being released on the streaming platform Hulu.

However, as of yet, no streaming services in the UK have confirmed they will be showing it.