Arctic Monkeys new album reviews: how has The Car been received, is it available on vinyl, price, song list

Arctic Monkeys are back with their first album in four years, which will be released this year, in the middle of a world tour.

Arctic Monkeys are back with their first album in four years.

The Alex Turner fronted band’s seventh album has been released to the world ahead of their world tour in 2023.

Here is everything you need to know.

Arctic Monkeys have released their seventh album (Getty Images)
Arctic Monkeys have released their seventh album (Getty Images)
Arctic Monkeys have released their seventh album (Getty Images)

What is the Arctic Monkeys’ new album called?

In a post on the band’s Twitter feed, a picture shows a rooftop car park with a single white car parked.

It follows the 2018 release of the jazz-tingled Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino.

When was Arctic Monkeys’ new album released?

The Car was released to UK fans at midnight on Friday 21 October 2022 via Domino Recording Company.

It comes more than four years after their last album, and roughly the same length of time between that and the 2013 release AM.

Everyone mark your calendar for early 2027.

How to listen to the new Arctic Monkeys album

The new Arctic Monkeys album The Car is available worldwide and all fans will be able to stream their new music through Spotify and Apple Music.

How much does the new Arctic Monkeys album cost?

  • The Car digital download - £8.99
  • The Car cassette - £9
  • The Car CD - £10
  • The Car LP - £21
  • The Car deluxe LP (grey vinyl) - £25
  • The Car 12” vinyl and cassette - £27
  • The Car 12” deluxe grey vinyl and cassette - £31
  • The Car complete bundle (12” vinyl, CD, cassette, air freshener) - £36
  • The Car complete deluxe bundle (12” grey vinyl, CD, cassette, air freshener) - £40

What other Arctic Monkeys The Car merch is there?

As well as The Car album, there is a keyring (£6), cap (£20), and white or black t-shirts (£30 each) which can be bought from the Arctic Monkeys store.

What songs are on the new Arctic Monkeys album?

The Sheffield band have treated their fans to 10 brand new songs. Here is the full list of all the songs that feature in the new Arctic Monkeys album: The Car.

  • There’d Better Be A Mirrorball
  • I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am
  • Sculptures Of Anything Goes
  • Jet Skis On The Moat
  • Body Paint
  • The Car
  • Big Ideas
  • Hello You
  • Mr Schwartz
  • Perfect Sense

Reviews for the new Arctic Monkeys album The Car

When Arctic Monkeys first burst on the scene back in 2006, they did so with a great sense of exuberance and energy. Their first album Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m Not delighted indie and rock bands throughout the world.

Since then AM have continuously evolved and moved wilfully from indie to rock to funk. Their latest album continues this trend in yet another change of style for the Sheffield band.

Since its release, The Car has divided opinion amongst music critics. In The Guardian Laura Barton rated it four stars out of five and describes Turner’s vocals as “majestic” whilst labelling The Car as a “tactile album which delves into the effort behind maintaining a glamorous facade.”

NME writer Thomas Smith gave Alex Turner’s latest album a five star review. Describing the album as showing “sharp songwriting, relentless innovation and unbreakable teamwork”. Smith has described Arctic Monkeys as “the last - and greatest - band of their generation still operating at their highest level.”

However, The Car received a less favourable review by The New Statesman and Kate Mossman described the album as “tiring, abrasive and insincere.” Mossman has criticised Arctic Monkeys’ decision to change their style and said: “I struggle to believe that original fans of Britain’s last indie band feel a thrill when they hear Alex Turner’s light orchestra take centre stage again.”