Jubilee Street parties 2022: when are UK celebrations for Queen’s platinum Jubilee and where are they near me?

Millions of people are expected to attend one of the thousands of local parties and lunches planned to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

More than ten million people across the UK are expected to be joining one of thousands of local events, including street parties, to share food and fun with members of their local community to honour the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

In total, more than 16,000 street parties have been organised across the country in tribute to Her Majesty.

Councils across the country are said to have received a record number of applications from people who want to host a party to celebrate Her Majesty’s historic 70 year reign on the throne, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

Events range from small picnics to a record-breaking 5,000-strong street party in Morecambe Bay.

More than 2,800 Platinum Jubilee beacons will also be lit around the world in commemoration of the event.

The Tower of London, Windsor Great Park, Hillsborough Castle, Lambeth Palace, and the Queen’s estates of Sandringham and Balmoral will be among the locations lighting beacons.

However, the first place to do so will be in Tonga and Samoa in the South Pacific.

So, where are these street parties taking place and can you attend them?

Here’s what you need to know.

How many street party applications have been received?

A snap poll of a dozen councils by the LGA indicated that they had approved more than 1,000 street parties.

Millions of people are expected to attend one of the thousands of local parties and lunches planned to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.Millions of people are expected to attend one of the thousands of local parties and lunches planned to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
Millions of people are expected to attend one of the thousands of local parties and lunches planned to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

If extrapolated nationally across all councils, it could mean that more than 16,000 Platinum Jubilee street parties will take place.

Hertfordshire county council has received a record 475 applications.

Over the weekend, several councils across England have also waived administration fees for road closures so that people can hold these parties.

There were 9,500 streets closed during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the LGA said.

The LGA chairman, James Jamieson, said: “Councils are pulling out all the stops to help their communities celebrate a historic day for our country.

“After two tough years at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that this time will allow people to raise a toast and celebrate with their loved ones and neighbours.”

When will the street parties be taking place?

The street parties have been planned to take place on each of the four days that make up the special bank holiday weekend that has been planned in tribute to the Queen.

It will take place between Thursday 2 June and Sunday 5 June, with parties organised on each of these four days up and down the country.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee factfile.Queen's Platinum Jubilee factfile.
Queen's Platinum Jubilee factfile.

What other local events will take place across the UK during the Platinum Jubilee weekend?

It’s not just street parties that people are hosting to celebrate the historic occasion.

The Big Jubilee Lunch, run by the Eden Project, is encouraging communities to also host a lunch for their loved ones too.

Over 60,000 people have registered to host these lunches over the bank holiday weekend, with events ranging from world record attempts for the longest street party to back garden barbeques.

Peter Stewart, executive director of Eden Project who led the Diamond Big Jubilee Lunch in 2012, said: “Together we’re making sure that the Big Jubilee Lunch for HM the Queen’s special platinum celebrations brings many millions of people together for friendship, food and fun in communities everywhere from 2 to 5 June.

“Between 10 to 12 million people is a modest estimate in terms of the scale of participation, and that’s testament to the community spirit and appetite for connection we know is out there.”

Where will the street parties and lunches be held?

People can also use the official Platinum Jubilee map to find details about local events.

At the time of writing, the map details 3,517 public events and 3,513 street parties or private events.

London and the south-east of England appear to be the most popular locations for Jubilee parties.

The majority of events are in and around central London.

There are also over 100 being planned in Scotland and around 800 being planned in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

You can search for an event near you by your postcode, the town you live in or the date you wish to attend a party.

Will events be hosted outside of the UK?

People will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee around the world.

Over 600 international lunches and parties are also being planned throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, from Canada to Brazil, New Zealand to Japan and South Africa to Switzerland.

Can I host a street party?

Yes, you can still host your own street party or lunch event for the Platinum Jubilee.

Peter Stewart said: “Holding your own event isn’t hard - just knock on your neighbours’ doors, grab some nibbles and hang the bunting.”

However, if you wish to host a big jubilee lunch or street party, you may have missed the opportunity with local councils usually asking for four to 12 weeks notice.

If you have organised an event, you can submit the details of your party to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport so it can be included in the interactive map.

What official events have been planned to mark the Platinum Jubilee?

A series of official events are being planned to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, including Trooping the Colour, a special RAF flypast, the lighting of beacons and a Platinum Party at the Palace.

The Queen, who is now 96 years old, is scheduled to appear at some of these events but, due to mobility issues, her presence may not be confirmed until the day, Buckingham Palace said.