Cheat: Netflix game show release date, trailer, hosts with Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor - and rules explained

Netflix’s Cheat is the only show in town were contestants are encouraged to cheat their way to victory

Netflix’s latest quiz show features high stakes, big cash prizes, and according to series host Danny Dyer, ‘slippery f***kers trying to cheat their way to some serious readies’.

Cheat may sound like another Netflix reality dating show, but it’s not (thank God). Cheat is a 12 episode glitzy quiz show which sees four different contestants face off against each other in each episode as they aim to win a cash prize by not playing by the rules.

The show rewards bad behaviour with the most devious players best placed to win big - this is everything you need to know about Netflix quiz show Cheat:

Who are the hosts of Cheat?

Danny Dyer, who played Mick Carter on BBC soap EastEnders from 2013-2022, will front the new series. Cheat is Dyer’s first post-Albert Square gig, but he has prior experience with game shows, having presented the UK version of The Wall from 2019-2022.

Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer host CheatEllie Taylor and Danny Dyer host Cheat
Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer host Cheat

The London hard man, who is also known for films like Football Factory, The Business, Human Traffick, and Mean Machine, told WhatToWatch: “This is a game about human behaviour. It asks are you good at lying and can you win loads of money from knowing naff all!?

“This isn’t a game show for geeks; anyone can play, that’s the brilliance of it. It’s like a lavish game of poker.”

Dyer will be joined by co-host comedian and Strictly Come Dancing star Ellie Taylor. She is known for her roles in comedy shows Plebs, The Mash Report, and Ted Lasso.

Taylor has appeared on plants of game shows as a contestant, among them Fifteen to One, Celebrity Chase, The Wall, The Hit List, Celebrity Mastermind and Tipping Point Lucky Stars, but this is the first time that she will serve as host.

Contestants are encouraged to cheat as long as they don’t get caughtContestants are encouraged to cheat as long as they don’t get caught
Contestants are encouraged to cheat as long as they don’t get caught

What are the rules of Cheat on Netflix?

In each episode, four contestants will be playing against each other in the general knowledge quiz show, answering questions over three rounds to build a cash prize of up to £50,000.

The twist of this new series is that players are actually encouraged to cheat - if they don’t know an answer they can blag and bluff their way through. By hitting the secret cheat button on their podium, players will be given the right answer, they must then play it off as if they came up with it themselves. The only rule is don’t get caught.

However, as Danny Dyer says: “You better have a good poker face because your opponents can buzz in to accuse you of cheating after every question”.

Players will be eliminated over the course of the show, and the last player standing will take home the prize money.

Is there a trailer for Cheat?

Yes there is:

When is Cheat on Netflix?

The first four episodes of Cheat arrived on Netflix on Wednesday 1 March - the next four episodes will land on the site on 8 March with the final four coming on 15 March.

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