34 couples who met on UK and US dating TV shows and are still together - from Love Island to First Dates

These 34 couples prove that you actually can find love when you’re looking for it - on UK and US reality TV dating shows

The saying goes that love finds you, you don’t find it - but many people aren’t prepared to sit around and wait for their one true love to find them. That’s why there’s so many TV shows, both here in the UK and over in the US, which are all about helping people to find relationships.

From Love Island to First Dates, and Love Is Blind to Married at First Sight, the list goes on and on. Contestants going on these shows are hoping to find romance when they take part, and these lucky 34 couples actually did find lasting love when they took part.

All of these pairs first locked eyes in front of TV cameras, but their romances have blossomed off screen and many are now engaged, married or have started a family together.

Have a click through our gallery to see who got the ultimate reality show prize - love.

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