Dubai Hustle: BBC Three real estate reality show release date, who are the contestants and how to watch on TV

BBC Three’s new reality show follows a group of real estate brokers trying to make it big in Dubai

Branded Selling Sunset meets The Apprentice, the new BBC Three show Dubai Hustle is released.

The two-part series which follows a group of young real estate agents entering the playground of the rich, launches 23 May.

The contestants of the show will be working at the Brit-owned property agency haus & haus, which is one the busiest high-end businesses in Dubai, so viewers can expect to see some drama from the upcoming series, as well as romance among the young agents.

What happens on the show?

According to the BBC, the sun-soaked show follows the young agents’ fortunes as they try to navigate through the cutthroat and competitive world to fulfil their dreams of a better lifestyle and a prosperous future.

Each agent has to adhere to the city’s strict code of conduct and try to earn as much commission as possible because if they do not land a deal, a rival brokerage will.

Dubai Hustle follows contestants working in Dubai real estate (Pic:Getty)
Dubai Hustle follows contestants working in Dubai real estate (Pic:Getty)
Dubai Hustle follows contestants working in Dubai real estate (Pic:Getty)

However, if they work and hustle hard, and hope for some luck on their side, there is big money to be made in Dubai.

Who are the contestants?

There are 10 UK estate agents who are trying to make it into the world of Dubai real estate throughout the show, in places such as The Palm, Dubai Hills and Dubai Marina.

Ellie, 24, Huddersfield - Ellie is missing Yorkshire and has had bad luck with love since moving to Dubai.

Azim, 31, Northampton - Determined to be successful in his luxury estate career, the pressure is on for Azim to stay in Dubai and to remain interested.

Megan, 27, London - Having grown up in Dubai, Megan is comfortable around the country and helps the other estate agents.

Ben, 28, Lincoln - Ben is a former military man and is aiming for a high commission from the large properties Dubai has to offer.

Adam, 23, East London - Adam has a ‘desire to conquer the world’ so puts all of his effort and determination into selling properties.

Jake, 24, East London - Jake and Adam are close friends, will that hinder or help his success?

Jess, 23, Bedfordshire - Jess has made records by being the most successful new broker in the agency’s history, making £35k on commission since she started, but has a tendency to party too hard.

Archie, 26, Essex - Known as the lone wolf and flirt of the brokerage, Archie likes to work alone and has been known to kick other agents out of deals to keep the full commission himself.

Chris, 27, Livingston - Chris thrives off competition and is a natural-born salesman, with a strong Scottish accent.

Lucas, 19, London - The youngest broker Lucas hopes to retire at 21 so aims to sell a lot of properties in Dubai.

What has the brokerage said?

Dubai Hustle comes off the back of haus & haus being named ‘Best Brokerage of the Year 2020’ by two international property portals.

Haus & haus’ managing director James Perry said: “This is aspirational television for young people.

“We hope it inspires others to widen their ideas about what they are capable of; there are so many great opportunities out there.”