Industry season 2: possible BBC One release date, trailer, and cast with Myha’la Herrold and Jay Duplass

Industry is returning for its second series on HBO on Monday 1 August - but when will the series arrive on BBC One in the UK?

Industry, the high-stakes drama about recent graduates competing for a fellowship at a prestigious investment firm, is returning for its second series on HBO on Monday 1 August.

The series is yet to receive an official UK release date from the BBC, though it is expected to air at some point in the Autumn.

Here’s everything you need to know about Industry season 2.

What is Industry season 2 about?

The official synopsis for Industry season 2 explains that the series “gives an insider’s view of the blackbox of high finance following a group of young bankers as they forge their identities within the pressure cooker environment and sex and drug fueled blitz of international bank Pierpoint & Co’s London office.”

“The market is ripping, and Pierpoint’s back to work or else mandate has the trading floor more charged up and paranoid than ever. New U.S. management will be gasoline on the flames - an injection of cross Atlantic energy that lights a fire under each and every employee.”

Who stars in Industry season 2?

Myha’la Herrold as Harper Stern and Ken Leung as Eric Tao, confronting one another in a busy office (Credit: Simon Ridgeway/BBC/Bad Wolf/HBO)

Myha’la Herrold plays Harper Stern, one of the recent graduates vying for a job at Pierpoint. Herrold worked primarily in theatre before joining the cast of Industry, though you may also recognise her from an episode of Amazon’s anthology series Modern Love. She can next be seen in the black comedy horror film Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

Marisa Abela plays Yasmin Kara-Hanani, an ambitious graduate from a wealthy background. Abela has also starred in Sky’s political thriller COBRA, and can next be seen in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

Harry Lawtey plays Robert Spearing, a working-class Oxford graduate. Spearing is best known for his role in Industry, but has also appeared in supporting parts in Wizards vs Aliens, Marcella, and Benediction.

David Jonsson plays Gus Sackey, a Black gay Oxford graduate who went to Eton. Jonsson has previously appeared in the espionage thriller Deep State alongside Walton Goggins, and wrote/directed/starred in the short film Gen Y. He can next be seen playing Chris Eubank in a biopic of the boxer.

Jay Duplass (The Chair), Adam Levy (The Witcher), Indy Lewis (La Fortuna), Sonny Poon Tip (Anatomy of a Scandal), and Katrine De Candole (The Ipcress File) will appear in Industry s2 as new additions to the cast.

Who writes and directs Industry?

Series creators Mickey Down & Konrad Kay remain heavily involved in Industry season 2. The pair are former bankers themselves, and Industry draws extensively on their personal experiences of the, well, industry.

Is there a trailer for Industry season 2?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

When is Industry season 2 released?

In the US, Industry season 2 will be available to watch on HBO and HBO Max from Monday 1 August.

What is the UK release date for Industry season 2?

A UK airdate is yet to be confirmed for Industry season 2, though the BBC has said that the series will follow the US airing fairly closely.

Industry season 2 is expected to air in the Autumn BBC One (perhaps after the series has finished airing on HBO, so it can be released as a boxset on BBC iPlayer). We’ll update this piece with more information when such details become available.

How many episodes is Industry season 2?

Akin to season 1, there are eight episodes in the new series of Industry. Each episode is around an hour long.

Why should I watch Industry?

It’s one to watch if you enjoy dramas about the intense worlds of finance (think things like Succession or Billions) or shows about young people and their excesses (think something like Lena Dunham’s Girls).

My friend Mevrick is a big fan of Industry too, on the off chance you happen to know him and think he’s a trustworthy source of recommendations.