When does Love Island: Aftersun start? UK day and time it’s on TV, channel, who will host and how to watch

Love Island: Aftersun first began in 2017 and has aired alongside the main show for every year since

A long hot summer has begun for several singles who have entered a beautiful Mallorca villa for the eighth series of Love Island.

While viewers get to grips with the daily lives of the 2022 islanders, including (at least at the time of writing) Davide Sanclimenti and Gemma Owen, there’s one other question on fan’s lips: When does Love Island: Aftersun start?

The show accompanies the main Love Island show, and features footage of the islanders not seen in the main show, and also opinion from celebrity guests.

So, just when does Love Island: Aftersun 2022 begin and how can you watch it?

Here’s everything you need to know.

When does Love Island: Aftersun begin?

Love Island: After Sun returns to our screens on Sunday 12 June.

What channel is Love Island: Aftersun on?

Love Island: Afternoon will be on ITV 2.

What time is Love Island: Aftersun on?

Love Island: Aftersun is on at 10pm.

It will follow the main episode of Love Island, which will air on ITV 2 at 9pm.

When will the next episodes of Love Island: Aftersun be on?

In line with previous series, Love Island: Aftersun will air weekly.

So, you can watch the show every Sunday on the same channel and at the same time.

How long is each episode of Love Island: Aftersun?

Each episode of the show will last for 65 minutes, finishing at 11.05pm.

Who will present Love Island: Aftersun?

The presenter of Love Island, Laura Whitmore, will also present Aftersun.

She will be joined by a panel of celebrity superfans to debrief all the latest news and gossip from the villa each week.

What will happen in each episode of Love Island: Aftersun?

Each episode of Love Island: Aftersun will be packed full of exclusive clips, interviews and behind the scenes access to this year’s islanders.

When did Love Island: Aftersun first start?

The show was first announced in May 2017, where it was revealed to be an accompanying show to Love Island’s third season in 2017.

It has aired alongside the main series every year since.

What is Love Island?

Love Island was an ITV celebrity dating show when it was launched in 2005.

The first series was called Celebrity Love Island, but by the time the second series aired in 2006 the word celebrity had been dropped from the name.

In the early days, 12 single celebrities would spend five weeks on an island in Fiji and the final couple at the end would win  £100,000.

The show was then axed due to disappointing ratings.

In 2015, ITV announced that the show would be returning - but with everyday people rather than celebrities.

Since then, it has been hugely successful and influential.

Love Island became ITV2’s most watched show in the network’s history in 2018, and in 2020 it was the most watched TV show among its target audience of 16 to 34 year olds.

The show involves a group of contestants, referred to as islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa and being filmed 24/7.

To remain in the villa, the islanders must couple up with another islander, whether it be for love, friendship or money.

The islanders have to complete challenges throughout the show to be able to keep their place.

There are frequent re-coupling ceremonies where each islander must decide to keep their current partner or dump them in favour of someone else.

An islander will be asked to leave the villa if they become single after one of these re-coupling ceremonies, and the viewing public are also able to vote people out too.

At the end of the series, one couple is chosen by viewers to win £50,000. That’s not where the drama ends, though.

Each person in the couple is handed an envelope; one is empty and one has the money.

The person with the money must then decide whether they are going to share it with their partner or keep it all for themselves.

In all seven full series of Love Island UK so far the person with the money has decided to split the cash with their beau, and they have each taken home £25,000.

The show lasts for several weeks, with a new hour-long episode airing daily.

Every episode shows new content that has happened in the villa over the previous 24 hours, except the episodes which air on a Saturday night which have always been a highlights show.

How can I watch Love Island: Aftersun?

You can watch Love Island: Aftersun by tuning in live on ITV 2 and ITV Hub.

All episodes are also available to watch shortly after broadcast on ITV Hub too.

You can also watch all episodes of the 2022 series of Love Island which have aired so far on ITV Hub now, with a new episode airing on ITV 2 at 9pm daily.

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