Love Island season 9: how to apply for 2023 winter series of ITV2 dating show - and when will it air?

This is how to apply for next year’s winter edition of Love Island

Season eight of Love Island hasn’t even wrapped yet, but many are looking forward to the next series of the show, which will air early next year.

Season nine of the ITV2 dating show will be the first winter edition to air since 2020, and will see a fresh bunch of singles descend on the villa.

If you want to be one of next year’s islanders, this is how to apply for the show, and the eligibility requirements.

Islanders await the results of the public votes. (Credit: ITV)Islanders await the results of the public votes. (Credit: ITV)
Islanders await the results of the public votes. (Credit: ITV)

Who can apply to be on Love Island?

All applicants for the new season must be aged 18 at the time of applying due to the nature of the programme, which features a lot of heavy petting between islanders.

There is no official upper age limit for the show, however the producers clearly have a type, as the oldest islanders ever to appear on the show, Jordan Ring, Marcel Somerville and Paul Knops were just 31 years old at the time.

Other requirements include that the applicant not be currently employed by any company owned by ITV plc or be the immediate relative of someone who works on the show.

Applicants must also have or be able to get a passport valid for at least six months after the programme end date.

They must be available to participate in the programme for at least 10 weeks.

How do you apply for Love Island season 9?

To apply to be on the show next year, go to the ITV website to fill out the application form.

Check the eligibility requirements to make sure that you are able to participate in the programme and read the terms and conditions.

Next you must agree for ITV to process sensitive information about yourself.

You then have the option to agree for ITV to keep your details on file for three years so that you can be considered for participation in any other shows they produce within that time frame.

Here are the contestants for this year's Love Island.Here are the contestants for this year's Love Island.
Here are the contestants for this year's Love Island.

Once you have registered with your name and address you will be taken to an official entry form which you must fill out.

Part of the entry form includes an audition video in which applicants speak about themselves and why they want to be on Love Island.

Amy Hart, who was on season five of Love Island, shared her audition tape on YouTube to show new applicants what to expect.

In the video description, Hart have some advice for prospective islanders. She said: “Be yourself - you’ll get found out. And it’ll be even harder to keep up a facade when you’re in the villa.

“Be honest - don’t pretend to be a rocket scientist if you’re not. But if you are, shout it from the rooftops!

“Be creative and show your personality - remember, it’s for a TV show!”

The application stage also includes a psychological and medical assessment, with reports from the applicant’s GP.

Because of the intense media scrutiny that islanders are subjected to, and the tragic suicides of two previous contestants, these tests are very important.

When will season 9 be on TV?

In June ITV2 confirmed that there would be two seasons of Love Island next year - the regular summer version as well as a winter edition of the show.

The winter season will begin in January 2023 although an official start date has not yet been confirmed.

There will also be a change in location in order to keep hot weather and summer vacation feeling - the next season will be filmed in South Africa.

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